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Earn Credits!Sachin Cup! (Reg.Open)

by Javed_Khan (Ceylone) 59 months ago
Organisers ■■■■■ 1.Javedkhan (Ceylone) 2.Ginn2 (Mumbaii Indians XI) After Great Success Of 1st Session !! Now This Time More Prizes !! More Teams More Matches !! RULES ●●●●●● 1.You shouldn't have a booked Wednesday challenge2. Bet/instant/exhibition matches should be play If Wednesday challenge match is booked 3.You should not be playing in another tournament 4. Loan players are allowed 5. Bounty is allowed if opponent wants bounty too 6. Only up to magical managers 7. If anyone fails to accept 2 requests, they will be replaced 8. There Are All Knockout Rounds So No Need Of Points Table 9. Send post saying 'request sent' when you have sent a request to your opponent 10. Post match link when we are available
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Participants League