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Transfer History

Players bought: 30
Players sold: 69
Total purchases: Rs 293,112,900
Total sales: Rs 64,761,099
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
05-03-2020Tommy FishbourneJOHNY WALKERHoops I Did It Again 40,99618,750,000 
02-03-2020Nitin GandharHoops I Did It Againtigerslast 32,085800,800 
28-02-2020Praveen BhagawatiHoops I Did It AgainBharat Army 2859 4,892278,100 
23-02-2020Dinesh AkkineniPakistan XHoops I Did It Again 156,58758,900,400 
21-02-2020Younis MahmoodThe PegaTronicsHoops I Did It Again 69,56440,000,000 
30-01-2020Jacob WaddinghamHoops I Did It AgainLions U19 24,406787,700 
08-01-2020Ghanashyam GoswamiSachinjindal SuperheroesHoops I Did It Again 179,27771,308,800 
18-12-2019Praveen KhandelwalHoops I Did It AgainPunjab Bulls 2883 10,052100,800 
05-12-2019Bajrang UpponiTurf ChampsHoops I Did It Again 38,65214,590,000 
03-12-2019Avilash Debtango11Hoops I Did It Again 25,9368,497,900 
03-12-2019Leon HoggROWDIES with the batHoops I Did It Again 12,9001,886,200 
26-11-2019Hugh QuongHOLY SATAN'SHoops I Did It Again 83,93313,748,800 
26-11-2019Hanif SalahuddinHOLY SATAN'SHoops I Did It Again 116,92515,706,000 
11-08-2018Rishab GhatakHoops I Did It AgainKudia Warriors 4365 31,120585,300 
20-04-2018Aniket MadanHoops I Did It AgainFervid Xi 12,906350,000 
16-03-2018Kishore EthrouthuHoops I Did It AgainPerth Scorchers 18,4112,394,700 
02-12-2017Alex SharpeHoops I Did It AgainDeactivated team 21,0023,903,900 
02-12-2017Atul MadeedharHoops I Did It AgainMumbai Hulks 28,4073,275,200 
02-12-2017Wali YasinHoops I Did It AgainRoyal Chalanger Assam 9482 20,8041,127,800 
02-12-2017Bradley FreemanHoops I Did It AgainDeactivated team 20,5703,225,000 
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