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Transfer History

Players bought: 94
Players sold: 151
Total purchases: Rs 2,108,941,660
Total sales: Rs 2,407,483,700
Displaying 141-160 of 245 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
30-03-2017Hafiz QadirRit's XISons Of Anarchy 74,15946,693,200 
30-03-2017Sunil BaruaSons Of AnarchyTotal mental 58,9065,068,400 
27-03-2017Taha MajeedSons Of AnarchyINDIAN TIGERFORCE 21,2543,683,100 
24-03-2017Arlo ElmesClub Cric XISons Of Anarchy 53,87225,000,000 
13-03-2017Sajjad MalikSons Of AnarchyRoyals Club 19,7457,140,000 
13-03-2017Rohail MubashirSons Of AnarchyKalai fantastic XI 22,84115,300,000 
13-03-2017Nagesh DeshmukhSons Of AnarchyKhizer Warriors 98,78527,540,000 
13-03-2017Naumaan AgarwalSons Of AnarchyRajasjoshi Ridars 67,06220,000,000 
10-03-2017Suranga AnandappaPurna XI 840Sons Of Anarchy 18,1023,200,000 
10-03-2017Douglas BryanPRANSHU'S XISons Of Anarchy 21,1504,000,000 
10-03-2017Roshan LokuarachchiSRILANKAN LIONS 99Sons Of Anarchy 13,4167,500,000 
10-03-2017Dayakara JogiyaniKK XI RidersSons Of Anarchy 21,1107,500,000 
09-03-2017Naim RehanSons Of AnarchyJADDU 10,9191,000,000 
17-02-2017Arfath ShujaatSons Of AnarchyDead MONSTERS 21,25510,000,000 
16-02-2017Abhoy ChaturvediSons Of Anarchyjjjjj 56,18439,666,700 
26-01-2017Waqar NishapuriSons Of AnarchyDeactivated team 22,3254,000,000 
13-01-2017Nagesh Deshmukhshumo XISons Of Anarchy 98,78545,350,000 
05-01-2017Kevin HalesSons Of AnarchyBastille 66,58645,000,000 
14-12-2016Sachin SomaSons Of Anarchymathagal vsc king 70,74710,000,000 
27-10-2016Raviteja PalKISHEN CCSons Of Anarchy 115,20680,016,600 
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