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Transfer History

Players bought: 94
Players sold: 151
Total purchases: Rs 2,108,941,660
Total sales: Rs 2,407,483,700
Displaying 61-80 of 245 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
18-03-2019Clarke FarrellAdlersSons Of Anarchy 25,6091,480,000 
13-03-2019Ashwell DicaprioThe Dumbledore's ArmySons Of Anarchy 59,39226,522,500 
12-03-2019Mahendra SiddhantAdlersSons Of Anarchy 24,3359,817,600 
12-03-2019Kane LauraAdlersSons Of Anarchy 17,9097,600,000 
06-03-2019Jeremiah MadzivaSons Of Anarchyteam kris1 186,67528,818,400 
03-03-2019Ivan ObrienKings XI Punjab 1226Sons Of Anarchy 53,84928,798,800 
25-02-2019Aamer MirzaSons Of AnarchyCriclib Rebels 145,78225,218,000 
09-02-2019Ryan MankleSons Of AnarchyM champions 62,4548,596,800 
07-02-2019Dev GoelKk GilliesSons Of Anarchy 128,78876,060,000 
07-02-2019Linford HolnessSons Of AnarchyStreet Light 81,82715,450,000 
16-11-2018Tarisai MpofuSons Of AnarchyAssam Exploiters XI 19,8222,652,300 
11-11-2018Dharanikumaar GaddamSons Of AnarchyPakistani Stars 7475 15,9291,500,000 
07-11-2018Fakhruddin DaviSons Of AnarchySumaira XI 12,0012,240,000 
05-11-2018Shishir KatakeySons Of AnarchyTHE SPECIAL ONE 161,16228,746,900 
05-11-2018Wayne ButlerHarmansodhi HipstersSons Of Anarchy 99,03768,600,000 
03-11-2018Jeremiah MadzivaKhany Supper League 1395Sons Of Anarchy 291,61167,423,200 
22-10-2018Bipak BhatiaSons Of AnarchyBanna Lions 10,9403,638,800 
14-10-2018Saurabh VirkSons Of Anarchyitsallover 15,1511,591,400 
10-10-2018Saurabh VirkAdlersSons Of Anarchy 15,1513,500,000 
04-10-2018Tarisai MpofuSmartkidsSons Of Anarchy 13,1002,250,000 
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