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Transfer History

Players bought: 94
Players sold: 151
Total purchases: Rs 2,108,941,660
Total sales: Rs 2,407,483,700
Displaying 41-60 of 245 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
17-07-2019Carl HowellSons Of AnarchyJay Hawks 9,5743,663,500 
26-06-2019Mahendra SiddhantSons Of AnarchyDeadly Bulls 7466 25,3688,351,200 
26-06-2019Nirmal KurupBHATAPARA KNIGHT RIDERSSons Of Anarchy 70,44248,039,400 
21-06-2019Vimal JoshiJuggernaut JamsSons Of Anarchy 41,71714,780,000 
23-05-2019Narendran AbhiramSons Of AnarchyDhammadeep Breakers 97,25137,131,500 
11-05-2019Mahesh DavuluriSons Of AnarchyMashuk XI 55,24120,000,000 
05-05-2019Aniket NagwaniUr Pace or MineSons Of Anarchy 39,36721,308,300 
05-05-2019Raman PaudelMohammad XI 6907Sons Of Anarchy 43,75818,340,000 
25-04-2019Anandavardhana SaxenaSons Of AnarchyBalasore Blasters XI 52,0813,455,100 
24-04-2019Anandavardhana SaxenaAdlersSons Of Anarchy 52,0816,354,400 
20-04-2019Animesh BafnaM Shahid LionsSons Of Anarchy 73,25744,335,200 
20-04-2019Nirdesh PathakPedene PedaSons Of Anarchy 51,99716,400,000 
19-04-2019Riaz MajeedSons Of AnarchyBEST OF All TIME Xi 191,19673,212,800 
17-04-2019Alister SlaterSons Of AnarchySL Vipers 42,6684,450,000 
12-04-2019Alister SlaterAdlersSons Of Anarchy 42,6688,450,000 
11-04-2019Agha YasinSons Of AnarchyMaasha Allah 237,13171,027,300 
09-04-2019Brenden NewtonSons Of AnarchyAbhishek's Aces 3220 152,22227,583,400 
03-04-2019Jag SheladiyaDragon LordsSons Of Anarchy 78,21341,200,000 
23-03-2019Bipin PujariSons Of Anarchyodisha bullets 84,62928,137,800 
18-03-2019Thilini AshfaaqAdlersSons Of Anarchy 20,3034,720,000 
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