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Transfer History

Players bought: 94
Players sold: 151
Total purchases: Rs 2,108,941,660
Total sales: Rs 2,407,483,700
Displaying 221-240 of 245 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
27-02-2015Anuj AggarwalSons Of Anarchystreaks1 41,6271,248,200 
27-02-2015Lawrence MabizelaBoiled PotatoesSons Of Anarchy 14,9821,200,000 
20-02-2015Bodhisattwa Thevarstrikers elevenSons Of Anarchy 26,930701,000 
08-02-2015Sudip ChaturvediSons Of AnarchyRAJ AEGIS 16,13522,500 
30-01-2015Suresh KhandelwalKhalsa WarriorsSons Of Anarchy 22,918816,000 
26-01-2015Krishnadas MongiaSons Of AnarchyCricket Panda 7,4591,000,000 
17-01-2015Dermot MgajiSons Of AnarchyDeactivated team 12,831100,000 
11-01-2015Fareed MazariSons Of AnarchyBlackjacks 7,37910,000 
09-01-2015Satyen GoyalYoungstersXISons Of Anarchy 9,341354,700 
26-12-2014Kaiser MalikSons Of AnarchyVAMS MASTERS 12,069214,900 
17-12-2014Chandramauli BhagawatiSons Of Anarchysalboni 6,58110,000 
15-12-2014Dalbir MukhopadhyaySons Of AnarchyMIAMI 12,551203,400 
11-12-2014Ishtiaq AqibSons Of AnarchyDeactivated team 4,61010,000 
07-12-2014Sandeep BajyaSons Of AnarchyDeactivated team 14,5891,560,600 
28-11-2014Abimanyu HollaSons Of AnarchyBangalore Badshahs 19,570500,000 
23-11-2014Karam IntekhabSons Of AnarchyGANGULIAN KNIGHTS 6,30510,000 
22-11-2014Umar Al-JaidahSons Of AnarchyDeactivated team 5,20310,000 
20-11-2014Andrew BunniDeactivated teamSons Of Anarchy 13,332408,000 
19-11-2014Dalbir MukhopadhyayGabbar SinghSons Of Anarchy 12,55112,600 
15-11-2014Yousuf PervezSons Of AnarchyDeactivated team 13,74910,500 
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