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Transfer History

Players bought: 94
Players sold: 151
Total purchases: Rs 2,108,941,660
Total sales: Rs 2,407,483,700
Displaying 201-220 of 245 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
16-07-2015Hari SharmaSons Of AnarchyDeactivated team 31,7761,000,000 
14-07-2015Guneet GrewalDX 11Sons Of Anarchy 31,2364,279,700 
08-07-2015Sulaiman TajammulSons Of AnarchyGRV CSK 12,1421,632,000 
12-06-2015Irfan SajjadSons Of AnarchyDeactivated team 17,455814,900 
09-06-2015Hari SharmaDeactivated teamSons Of Anarchy 31,7763,000,000 
06-06-2015Zubair QizilbashSons Of AnarchyRishwan Super Kings 20,937416,200 
31-05-2015Rishav PatelMoonwalkersSons Of Anarchy 31,3432,252,500 
26-05-2015Anant BhandaruSons Of Anarchyraghuveerpower 7,675235,400 
22-05-2015Suresh KhandelwalSons Of Anarchysyed aly 23,7321,092,500 
13-05-2015Victor GardinerDeactivated teamSons Of Anarchy 14,0631,828,900 
09-05-2015Mahender NoryDEEP ATRANGISSons Of Anarchy 27,6873,000,000 
05-04-2015Andrew BunniSons Of AnarchyKINGS GUARD XI 13,332782,500 
03-04-2015Rohitash Khandelwalindians teamSons Of Anarchy 21,9172,986,500 
28-03-2015Paul AbbottSons Of AnarchyYadav 11 16,145574,700 
21-03-2015Sarabdeep DhariwalSons Of AnarchyDeactivated team 10,038281,900 
17-03-2015Curtley BanfieldSIRIUS RockersSons Of Anarchy 21,8361,919,400 
16-03-2015Satyen GoyalSons Of Anarchypankaj55 9,3411,248,500 
13-03-2015Irfan SajjadMoonstarsSons Of Anarchy 17,4551,326,600 
11-03-2015Naveed JalaliSons Of AnarchyDeactivated team 10,62510,000 
04-03-2015Nivrutti SharmaSons Of AnarchyWillowWizards 6,59210,000 
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