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Transfer History

Players bought: 94
Players sold: 151
Total purchases: Rs 2,108,941,660
Total sales: Rs 2,407,483,700
Displaying 181-200 of 245 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
03-02-2016Saeed SalahuddinSons Of Anarchyharyana strikers 9221 35,8035,735,500 
01-02-2016Lawrence MabizelaSons Of AnarchyAmritsari Chinchoras 62,16945,900,000 
01-02-2016Travis LachmanReal WarriorsSons Of Anarchy 87,18530,920,900 
08-01-2016Sachin SomaMNP RockersSons Of Anarchy 67,79229,580,700 
07-01-2016Rohitash KhandelwalSons Of AnarchyStar Hari 21,9172,122,500 
11-12-2015Zafar MamundSons Of AnarchySuper Rollers 13,676598,500 
03-12-2015Zahir BhabraSons Of AnarchyAndies 12,2901,560,600 
25-11-2015Saadi TanvirSons Of AnarchyMAGICAL STARS 15,8603,641,400 
13-11-2015Aruna TharukaSons Of AnarchyHappiness 50,27511,311,200 
10-11-2015Gabby KingsleyNAMCHI CRICKET CLUBSons Of Anarchy 69,96327,540,000 
05-10-2015Victor GardinerSons Of AnarchyHISTORY CREATOR 29,52513,249,000 
03-10-2015Saadi TanvirBradman'sXISons Of Anarchy 11,2555,885,600 
18-09-2015Rishav PatelSons Of AnarchyIT KINGDOM 29,8171,849,400 
17-09-2015Curtley BanfieldSons Of AnarchyVIPERS 27 25,0022,233,300 
15-09-2015Rajak KhandelwalDeactivated teamSons Of Anarchy 52,10212,434,300 
15-09-2015Aruna TharukaKerala Rising TigersSons Of Anarchy 50,27512,683,000 
13-09-2015Shoaib DurraniSons Of AnarchyCalcutta Hurricanes 9,662583,800 
13-09-2015Pritesh ViswanathanSons Of AnarchyAmits XI 53,25522,690,600 
02-09-2015Mahender NorySons Of Anarchypower rangers11 28,2052,003,800 
28-08-2015Saeed Salahuddin22 YARDSSons Of Anarchy 35,8034,266,900 
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