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Transfer History

Players bought: 94
Players sold: 151
Total purchases: Rs 2,108,941,660
Total sales: Rs 2,407,483,700
Displaying 1-20 of 245 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
11-09-2020Nitish JainSons Of AnarchyPuneri Fighter 13,6792,290,000 
31-07-2020Raghevendra HosmathKarachi lover'sSons Of Anarchy 13,5795,007,500 
27-07-2020Chathura LakmalSons Of AnarchyMym Mavericks 50,26727,570,000 
01-07-2020Evan DawsonSons Of AnarchyGenius Eleven 99 13,6147,286,400 
23-06-2020Jishnu ChandokSons Of AnarchyDeactivated team 13,7581,220,000 
12-06-2020Charanpreet GrewalSathiyamoorthy StormshadowsSons Of Anarchy 121,88680,787,200 
11-06-2020Brian StyrisMohawksSons Of Anarchy 131,22496,287,300 
07-06-2020Bansi AdikalSons Of AnarchyTommyw Trawlers 37,32222,130,000 
15-05-2020Wayne ButlerSons Of Anarchydev dengher 74,92314,392,000 
12-04-2020Neeraj DagaHithesh strikersSons Of Anarchy 139,356130,000,000 
03-04-2020Abhimithra RoopchandkaSons Of AnarchyDragon Strikerzzzz 11,6267,872,600 
02-04-2020Claude FletcherAaaarCcccBbbbSons Of Anarchy 18,21511,830,000 
24-02-2020Abhinav KhandelwalSons Of AnarchyAdityasXII 12,4061,204,200 
14-02-2020Ashwell DicaprioSons Of AnarchyUKT BLACK 203,528106,358,400 
11-02-2020Dhvansh SaxenaMIVAAN MASTERSSons Of Anarchy 22,90516,327,500 
31-01-2020Zafar SalahuddinSons Of AnarchyAK Dark Horse 197,72115,000,000 
24-01-2020Sagar PoddarJammy Jolts 9539Sons Of Anarchy 26,90113,400,300 
13-01-2020Nirdesh PathakSons Of Anarchysoldier 116,27652,790,400 
12-01-2020Nirmal KurupSons Of AnarchyIndian Challangers 159,69297,126,200 
02-01-2020Jag SheladiyaSons Of AnarchyThe Slags 149,69950,000,000 
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