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Transfer History

Players bought: 40
Players sold: 57
Total purchases: Rs 224,068,600
Total sales: Rs 265,475,400
Displaying 1-20 of 97 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
29-04-2019Muttiah AbeyratneQuetta Zalmi 2221Maha Masters 86,65811,554,400 
28-04-2019Abhinandan PadukoneQuetta Zalmi 2221Maha Masters 41,7575,000,000 
09-04-2019Neil CruiseQuetta Zalmi 2221Maha Masters 12,037930,000 
09-04-2019Suresh MaulikQuetta Zalmi 2221Maha Masters 16,3861,990,000 
09-04-2019Gotum MehtaQuetta Zalmi 2221Maha Masters 12,8512,270,000 
09-04-2019Aakash BendigeriQuetta Zalmi 2221Maha Masters 12,2862,240,000 
07-04-2019Deepesh AggarwalQuetta Zalmi 2221Maha Masters 13,9891,850,000 
07-04-2019Sourav PatelQuetta Zalmi 2221Maha Masters 16,1583,130,000 
07-04-2019Sourav SharmaQuetta Zalmi 2221Maha Masters 12,8182,110,000 
07-04-2019Geoffrey ChurchillQuetta Zalmi 2221Maha Masters 15,6362,080,000 
07-04-2019Anoop DesaiQuetta Zalmi 2221Maha Masters 12,6282,500,000 
07-04-2019Lorso SobrinhoQuetta Zalmi 2221Maha Masters 29,47320,000,000 
07-04-2019Prateek SaxenaMaha MastersMaGiCaL MoNsTeR 204,00360,000,000 
07-04-2019Shishir JainQuetta Zalmi 2221Maha Masters 24,7966,110,000 
07-04-2019Kaushal MehtaQuetta Zalmi 2221Maha Masters 12,1291,100,000 
06-04-2019Gerald DartnellQuetta Zalmi 2221Maha Masters 22,1878,880,000 
05-11-2018Dumis HawkinsChennai ChevaliersMaha Masters 54,79715,660,000 
04-11-2018Gautam MadanuMaha MastersPak Star 8706 25,3941,430,000 
04-11-2018Yash NawatheMaha MastersPak Star 8706 20,4248,950,000 
04-11-2018Clarence SilvaMaha MastersPak Star 8706 21,1431,140,000 
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