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Transfer History

Players bought: 38
Players sold: 42
Total purchases: Rs 165,360,200
Total sales: Rs 143,896,400
Displaying 1-20 of 80 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
14-10-2020Sajjad NizamiAdi Aviators 1695KST FOREVER KNIGHTS 4,7621,545,000 
14-10-2020Rishab DookyaAdi Aviators 1695KST FOREVER KNIGHTS 14,9177,725,000 
11-10-2020Saurav MaheshwariKST FOREVER KNIGHTSComilla Super King 41,5043,600,000 
11-10-2020Ramesh LaikhuramDeactivated teamKST FOREVER KNIGHTS 12,7125,843,000 
10-10-2020Nicholas FarlarmKST FOREVER KNIGHTSAnurag XI 4789 31,3521,500,000 
10-10-2020Roderick ParkerKST FOREVER KNIGHTSKukkuKuku 14,0631,030,000 
10-10-2020Saqlain GilaniSaharsa Super KingsKST FOREVER KNIGHTS 9,4842,971,500 
09-10-2020Bablu DasUday Unicorns 4687KST FOREVER KNIGHTS 54,7603,875,200 
07-10-2020Afrooz BreshnaSajjad Cricket ClubKST FOREVER KNIGHTS 17,91513,511,200 
07-10-2020Fakhrudin AkbariKST FOREVER KNIGHTSThe Mighty Monsters 67,85310,215,400 
06-10-2020Hruday JainPakistan green starKST FOREVER KNIGHTS 95210,000 
17-12-2019Krishna ChodankarKST FOREVER KNIGHTSRoyal Wings 11,9401,000,000 
16-12-2019Roderick ParkerKST XI SUPER SAIYANSKST FOREVER KNIGHTS 6,964803,200 
16-12-2019Sameer RampalKST FOREVER KNIGHTSLuciferxi 12,578824,000 
14-12-2019Rangana GayaniKST FOREVER KNIGHTSJugsaa Gauntlets 42,4264,538,300 
14-12-2019Gabir AliKST FOREVER KNIGHTSRumbond 45,2914,704,200 
13-12-2019La Vonn NarineSCC 11KST FOREVER KNIGHTS 76,8759,430,400 
12-12-2019Krishna SaiShivaSundaramKST FOREVER KNIGHTSHpstk Raiders 8,441490,000 
11-12-2019Krishna ChodankarDehradun DrizzlersKST FOREVER KNIGHTS 11,9401,030,000 
14-12-2018Sobhan SaxenaKST FOREVER KNIGHTSRobin Cricketers 25,3252,645,000 
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