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Transfer History

Players bought: 59
Players sold: 84
Total purchases: Rs 744,713,319
Total sales: Rs 668,192,480
Displaying 61-80 of 142 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
23-07-2018Devarsi ChekavarRed Bull's XILiverpool Xi 41,31612,195,200 
23-07-2018Francis SutcliffeWe Are FSocietyRed Bull's XI 56,8507,116,400 
13-07-2018Ahmed ShehreyarRed Bull's XITeam Expandables 11 55,19610,443,600 
13-07-2018Cyril CarmichaelTax LionsRed Bull's XI 73,00811,940,700 
30-06-2018Amit SaxenaRed Bull's XIhardy boyz 46,03710,237,700 
29-06-2018Sohel Dashall of famers pvrRed Bull's XI 51,9879,222,500 
28-06-2018Aijaz SheikhRed Bull's XIOUR NEMESIS 31,3088,006,400 
25-06-2018Gaurav BudhwarRed Bull's XIVikings Xi 705 11,7171,750,000 
23-06-2018Sanchit MadanNeutral XIRed Bull's XI 78,36214,450,200 
22-06-2018Devarsi ChekavarDeadly WarriorsRed Bull's XI 41,3169,133,700 
20-06-2018Ganesh BorpuzariRed Bull's XISudheer Mariners 23,2332,632,600 
20-06-2018Tommy GalloneRed Bull's XILahore Lion 478 12,7541,689,200 
11-06-2018Babar IlderimRed Bull's XINasir Tigers 28,2956,531,200 
09-06-2018Carlton NelsonRed Bull's XISun Strike 35,7463,830,000 
05-06-2018Sundar LalithRed Bull's XIbuddy 11 55,09111,770,000 
04-06-2018Sundar LalithMighty MsRed Bull's XI 55,0916,180,000 
01-06-2018Shaheed IslamRed Bull's XIPUNRI RADA 5 27,2039,443,200 
29-05-2018Ahmed ShehreyarCLASS XIRed Bull's XI 49,9766,753,100 
23-05-2018Mujahid LeghariRed Bull's XINepalese Gorkhas 21,9552,267,200 
20-05-2018Ganesh BorpuzariBrahmaputra Adorable TigersRed Bull's XI 22,1841,221,100 
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