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Transfer History

Players bought: 23
Players sold: 25
Total purchases: Rs 123,118,800
Total sales: Rs 90,322,420
Displaying 1-20 of 48 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
11-01-2020Jacob WadeSkd BoysRYK Knight Riders 136,41619,136,000 
02-07-2019Raghab KhadkaTamil ThalabathigalRYK Knight Riders 11,1231,190,000 
21-07-2018Douglas HallRYK Knight Riderskaleem sultans 35,1611,698,800 
20-07-2018Hines PetersRYK Knight RidersFaiz XI 8956 51,2217,210,000 
20-07-2018Jafar SalahuddinRYK Knight RidersMayavarm Spartans 9404 30,2842,134,200 
19-07-2018Somdeep GhanghasRYK Knight RidersDeactivated team 7,0443,182,700 
19-07-2018Pritul JainGangster SquadRYK Knight Riders 148,12825,369,200 
18-07-2018Ajay VermaRYK Knight RidersKOLKATTA KNIGHT RIDERZ 64,37630,770,000 
10-07-2018Mohit SaxenaRYK Knight RidersLakkhi S Legends 11,8351,010,000 
30-06-2018Amos SibandaRYK Knight RidersDare Davils 12,3151,640,000 
26-03-2018Byam VitoriDeactivated teamRYK Knight Riders 62,5286,620,000 
21-03-2018Rashid QadirRYK Knight RidersSYLHETY BOYZ 30,6498,670,700 
18-03-2018Ashwell GamsyRYK Knight RidersGalactic Eleven 51,2244,940,000 
11-02-2018Husnan KhanRYK Knight RidersDeactivated team 6,026212,200 
09-02-2018Abdur QureshiRYK Knight RidersUnbeatable Legends 6974 7,35850,000 
18-01-2018Adhusudan PanditPreritnagori PunditsRYK Knight Riders 53,37113,665,700 
03-12-2017Reginald GlenRYK Knight RidersRAVAGE 12,8501,155,000 
01-12-2017Reginald GlenKhan pur GladiatorsRYK Knight Riders 12,8501,460,000 
17-11-2017Balgopal UkeyRYK Knight RidersKhan pur Gladiators 22,154370,000 
14-11-2017Andrew WellsRYK Knight RidersKhan pur Gladiators 15,6851,125,600 
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