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Transfer History

Players bought: 28
Players sold: 8
Total purchases: Rs 48,309,776
Total sales: Rs 4,486,900
Displaying 1-20 of 36 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
06-07-2019Brett MortonThe Real VipersDilli Machines 18,847900,000 
05-07-2019Shah NawazUS Ravers XIThe Real Vipers 44,9902,121,800 
05-07-2019Nayan SiakengThe Real VipersTamilan Rhinos 14,150905,000 
05-07-2019Dinithi KumaraThe Real VipersTamilan Rhinos 14,965130,000 
05-07-2019Phillipps GarwoodThe Real VipersTamilan Rhinos 13,384145,000 
05-07-2019Nirav MenonThe Real Vipersroyal piyush challenger mussoorie 12,4781,292,800 
04-07-2019Gorakhnath DabhadeThe Real VipersDESTRUCTION NO 1 2,2795,000 
03-07-2019Saurabh Bisoyiroyal piyush challenger mussoorieThe Real Vipers 23,829810,400 
03-07-2019Vivian Gomezthrissur warriorsThe Real Vipers 54,3582,224,800 
02-07-2019Vetrivel KothapalliLIGHT 1The Real Vipers 30,8291,167,000 
02-07-2019Chitranjan AambekarThe Real VipersOggy and Team 1825 12,0731,040,000 
28-06-2019Devind Ranatungateam kris2The Real Vipers 101,7174,000,000 
28-06-2019Krishan YeddalaRebel's XIIThe Real Vipers 81,95210,090,000 
28-06-2019Prabhu DhamandaJanikiram KnightridersThe Real Vipers 41,0313,278,200 
28-06-2019Jitesh BafnaKarunya X1The Real Vipers 22,0762,431,600 
28-06-2019Brett MortonDelhi HeightsThe Real Vipers 18,847427,500 
28-06-2019Gurumoorthy ManrayarSandeep SoniThe Real Vipers 10,337550,000 
28-06-2019Radheyshyam RathoreJaipur Foolers 9449The Real Vipers 12,595759,000 
28-06-2019Nirav MenonJaipur Foolers 9449The Real Vipers 12,4781,267,900 
28-06-2019Chitranjan AambekarLucknow Sledgers 1032The Real Vipers 12,0731,055,000 
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