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Transfer History

Players bought: 23
Players sold: 10
Total purchases: Rs 55,126,400
Total sales: Rs 23,696,000
Displaying 1-20 of 33 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
15-11-2017Russell PriorWild Cats of townThe Supernovas 11 16,5695,000,000 
14-11-2017Stephen GilhoolyWild Cats of townmumbai mi 19,9085,000,000 
30-10-2017Rilee McKenziefighting evilWild Cats of town 39,96210,129,700 
27-10-2017George GibsonWild Cats of townMd Nurislam 5269 28,5131,089,800 
19-10-2017Archibald ChapunguWild Cats of townCHENNAI 'SUPER' KINGS 26,4614,200,000 
18-10-2017Zahid HussainArnav Dare DevilsWild Cats of town 20,6171,900,500 
17-10-2017Binesh ViswanathanRay11Wild Cats of town 13,25075,000 
15-10-2017Jacob MoyesWild Cats of townMadushanka Magnificants 18,3244,000,000 
15-10-2017Johann PeglarWild Cats of townBrandon Bigshots 23,0161,426,400 
14-10-2017George GibsonRajkumar RingersWild Cats of town 27,312348,000 
06-10-2017Mayur MaheshwariWild Cats of townRawat Rockers 16,430562,900 
04-10-2017Tejasvi PokalWild Cats of townTHE GREAT MARATHA WARRIORS 17,507524,300 
03-10-2017Russell LaurenceCape Town CavaliersWild Cats of town 23,3463,025,800 
03-10-2017Luke AaronWild Cats of townMH Panthers 12,8801,200,000 
02-10-2017Archibald ChapunguShubham 11 3980Wild Cats of town 25,2433,500,000 
01-10-2017Jaisukh RoutMAGICAL FORCEWild Cats of town 58,46116,661,900 
29-09-2017Ashraf BhattiWhite Shadow 01Wild Cats of town 22,6881,975,100 
26-09-2017Zaigham NadeemWild Cats of townProtyay Avengers 15,351692,600 
24-09-2017Lewis WynyardDevilsam DigglersWild Cats of town 22,818928,400 
21-09-2017James Wontner3ACBWild Cats of town 20,5423,130,300 
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