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Transfer History

Players bought: 27
Players sold: 31
Total purchases: Rs 71,772,770
Total sales: Rs 43,952,775
Displaying 1-20 of 58 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
06-07-2019abinash BhattacharyaPirates Of The Pacific OceanBairstow Bears 19,7322,440,000 
06-07-2019Tasso DabengwaPirates Of The Pacific OceanLucknow Keypunchers 9400 18,069990,600 
05-07-2019Ross BaughPirates Of The Pacific OceanTiger Xi 8914 12,12560,000 
02-07-2019Lokeswar BagariaPirates Of The Pacific OceanDeactivated team 25,3151,960,000 
02-07-2019Deonarine WaltersSniffels XIPirates Of The Pacific Ocean 26,5122,204,800 
02-07-2019Chellam PoobalarayarRoyal Challengers Bijapur 547Pirates Of The Pacific Ocean 17,419736,500 
02-07-2019Chamika PavithraPirates Of The Pacific OceanOggy and Team 1825 16,799100,000 
02-07-2019Russ CoxonPirates Of The Pacific OceanOggy and Team 1825 18,890980,000 
01-07-2019Sumedha Tamoghnarajasthan royals 2749Pirates Of The Pacific Ocean 24,3462,609,900 
29-06-2019Russell AldenPirates Of The Pacific OceanChennai Keypunchers 3555 23,274143,000 
28-06-2019Lester Baileyteam kris3Pirates Of The Pacific Ocean 58,3899,032,000 
28-06-2019Tariq NajamJP MiSsIoN'sPirates Of The Pacific Ocean 43,3151,858,400 
28-06-2019Ashish AchutanKING KOHLI X1Pirates Of The Pacific Ocean 21,6502,596,500 
19-10-2018Saran VatsPirates Of The Pacific OceanNk Elegants 10,109319,300 
19-10-2018Hitesh BalanPirates Of The Pacific OceanBkp Bravos 9,099340,000 
26-09-2018Russell AldenKaushikji lionsPirates Of The Pacific Ocean 37,911740,000 
26-09-2018Ross BaughKaushikji lionsPirates Of The Pacific Ocean 26,4892,657,400 
18-09-2018Dj BravoWarrior ElePirates Of The Pacific Ocean 41,5864,635,000 
13-08-2018Amitesh MehtaPirates Of The Pacific Oceankings xi punjab 763 17,5651,310,000 
10-08-2018Chamika PavithraANAB LIONSPirates Of The Pacific Ocean 32,0171,500,000 
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