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Transfer History

Players bought: 80
Players sold: 142
Total purchases: Rs 808,798,780
Total sales: Rs 781,049,664
Displaying 1-20 of 222 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
21-04-2020Scott Weeninkbengal eleven cricket clubShataz Suns 129,54116,480,000 
09-03-2020Shekar Raobengal eleven cricket clubMumbai Rhinos 2443 15,695775,000 
09-03-2020Subhiyan Rampalbengal eleven cricket clubMumbai Rhinos 2443 13,701690,000 
04-03-2020Bakhtiyar Tarzibengal eleven cricket clubMt Xi 2970 12,603640,000 
23-02-2020Osric WarringtonPammik Starbengal eleven cricket club 140,90220,826,600 
23-02-2020Aniruddh DarbhaINDIAN KINGS 11bengal eleven cricket club 68,7398,460,000 
23-02-2020Shubhadip Katiyarbengal eleven cricket clubIconic star's 63,68818,000,000 
23-02-2020Shailendra Janarthananbengal eleven cricket clubPesh XI 12,135950,000 
23-02-2020Chandravadan Kumarbengal eleven cricket clubPesh XI 12,814700,000 
22-02-2020Crispin Hannahbengal eleven cricket clubSuruj Super Eleven 112,08613,500,000 
20-02-2020Dipanjan NayakAntichristbengal eleven cricket club 143,50235,196,000 
19-02-2020Kendis Cawleybengal eleven cricket clubVignezhh XI 86,02823,300,000 
31-01-2020Hoshiar Sainibengal eleven cricket clubDreamxi 414 12,613725,000 
28-01-2020George BagotBandaYeahBindassHaibengal eleven cricket club 213,85047,045,300 
24-01-2020Nelson Cranmanbengal eleven cricket clubDominator Demons 167,11947,908,800 
20-01-2020Shingi ChariSanjay Superheroes 5058bengal eleven cricket club 232,06453,928,000 
19-01-2020Devavrat Maitybengal eleven cricket clubWolverin 2944 227,35831,897,600 
19-01-2020Eoin Tilleybengal eleven cricket clubBangla Tigers 5139 47,187900,000 
17-01-2020Sravan Hanumanthuexcellent expertsbengal eleven cricket club 116,19231,827,000 
16-01-2020Yasin Akrambengal eleven cricket clubMaGiCaL MoNsTeR 26,8401,648,500 
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