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Transfer History

Players bought: 58
Players sold: 40
Total purchases: Rs 817,040,200
Total sales: Rs 824,167,700
Displaying 1-20 of 98 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
13-02-2020Denis AldenHell Hunters 311465Kings Of Hell 25,72610,000,000 
30-01-2020Cyril MoutonKings Of HellDynamoz 21,9779,690,100 
28-01-2020Sanaul KhadimKk GilliesKings Of Hell 59,92454,117,900 
28-01-2020Shubhansh MahajanKings Of HellASR XI 129,47625,992,100 
26-01-2020Bimal LangrawngKings Of HellFans of dhoni 13,78530,000,000 
25-01-2020Malesh GhoshZND'S XIKings Of Hell 94,84753,560,000 
25-01-2020Baird CullenKings Of HellKr Quids 169,56379,272,000 
23-01-2020Vuyisile ChapunguWayamba Eleven'sKings Of Hell 50,16647,740,500 
23-01-2020Ramanveer JogiyaniFredyjoy ElemonatorsKings Of Hell 2,24549,300 
23-01-2020Giaan BhallaempireKings Of Hell 43,3101,588,600 
22-01-2020Ashwell SteynKings Of HellLara's Lads 52,38610,927,300 
22-01-2020Debraj MehtaKings Of HellMCT Warriors 68,03839,231,900 
21-01-2020Daniel RudyKnoxfield KnockoutsKings Of Hell 53,56340,000,000 
19-01-2020Shashvat SinghKings Of HellJigsawRagzz 93,40226,522,500 
19-01-2020Indranil BaroovaKings Of HellMaGiCaL MoNsTeR 157,06523,000,000 
16-01-2020Bimal LangrawngJugaaadKings Of Hell 13,78516,926,900 
16-01-2020Alford GordonKings Of HellHitting Machine 12,1021,030,000 
16-01-2020Indranil SelpengKings Of HellChennai Super Kings SD 12,9501,845,100 
15-01-2020Hariram PatilKings Of HellThe Aryans 172,63224,720,000 
14-01-2020Finley DoughertyArya RoyalsKings Of Hell 12,47221,451,700 
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