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Transfer History

Players bought: 55
Players sold: 79
Total purchases: Rs 434,491,899
Total sales: Rs 440,373,000
Displaying 121-131 of 131 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
18-12-2017Suresh AlokeCHANDY'S CREWSharath Super Strikers 17,5252,535,500 
18-12-2017Avilash RanaSharath Super StrikersDariyapur Rocks 15,336322,100 
17-12-2017Mohammad FazalSuper Indian WarriorsSharath Super Strikers 21,8781,591,400 
17-12-2017Faruq AliSharath Super StrikersBhai 6110 4,35370,000 
16-12-2017Carl BadhamMalay MagiciansSharath Super Strikers 20,9901,951,200 
16-12-2017Roger McCullumPELICANSSharath Super Strikers 16,3491,901,200 
16-12-2017Chester PerksWigan WarlordsSharath Super Strikers 13,633904,200 
15-12-2017Avilash RanaGiant MachinesSharath Super Strikers 15,336140,000 
15-12-2017Lohitaksha AroraOoo OttersSharath Super Strikers 4,98692,700 
15-12-2017Mudil BlaineStraw hats XISharath Super Strikers 6,973208,900 
15-12-2017Gautam WohraDeactivated teamSharath Super Strikers 14,615154,500 
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