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Transfer History

Players bought: 55
Players sold: 79
Total purchases: Rs 434,491,899
Total sales: Rs 440,373,000
Displaying 81-100 of 131 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
20-04-2018Mohammad FazalSharath Super StrikersRoyal Challengers Bengaluru 3804 30,9035,941,600 
19-04-2018Hanumant SharmaLubhansh LordsSharath Super Strikers 47,2043,090,000 
18-04-2018Donald GibbSharath Super StrikersKT Super XI 16,4663,727,500 
16-04-2018Nayanpriti MehraSharath Super StrikersLeague Of Legends 3686 39,2884,119,300 
16-04-2018Mohammad FazalSharath Super StrikersSharath Super Strikers 30,9035,301,400 
15-04-2018Abjit ThakurHellion PhoenixSharath Super Strikers 62,0176,841,700 
12-04-2018Roger McCullumSharath Super StrikersDevils Xi 6767 25,8854,395,100 
11-04-2018Sushant KholiSouth Africa 4412Sharath Super Strikers 32,20910,214,400 
11-04-2018Vijaykumar AggarwalSharath Super StrikersBangladesh Stars XI 17,10311,789,900 
09-04-2018Alf NarineSharath Super StrikersRoyal Roarers 31,3296,739,200 
08-04-2018Saptak BaidyaDon masters 8518Sharath Super Strikers 50,4829,000,000 
03-04-2018Trevor HoustonSharath Super StrikersTanu XI 61,9485,000,000 
01-04-2018La Vonn BayleyTHE PAWN STARSSharath Super Strikers 9,945320,999 
28-03-2018Sujal SharmaAttackersSharath Super Strikers 25,4901,167,000 
25-03-2018Auburn BrentSharath Super StrikersAman Advancers 5106 29,4813,819,900 
24-03-2018Mathialagan ArakeriSharath Super StrikersThomas Super Giants Cricket Club 30,1502,500,000 
17-03-2018Arnav KhetreBLAZZING SMASHERSSharath Super Strikers 32,6892,190,000 
01-03-2018Ajit GoelWaris's WolvesSharath Super Strikers 11,5961,545,000 
01-03-2018Dasarsh BhadraBudwa BatsSharath Super Strikers 39,6765,236,100 
01-03-2018Mathialagan ArakeriThe Demon DragonsSharath Super Strikers 27,4622,500,000 
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