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Transfer History

Players bought: 34
Players sold: 71
Total purchases: Rs 960,379,700
Total sales: Rs 1,645,432,059
Displaying 1-20 of 105 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
25-10-2019Gary McCullumMelbourne Stars 4357Resilient Squad 313,87484,650,400 
02-10-2019Kanak VermaMelbourne Stars 4357Pak Shaheen 2 292,41279,423,200 
25-09-2019Nigel SearleMelbourne Stars 4357Khulna Supper Kings 190,825120,000,000 
11-09-2019Shreyas VariarRising Ahmedabad Stars 9501Melbourne Stars 4357 11,8971,030,000 
10-09-2019Chetan IlayathTasmanian Tiger'sMelbourne Stars 4357 13,02810,454,300 
21-08-2019Owen HaileyMelbourne Stars 4357Sign Out 215,072220,000,000 
19-08-2019Oliver InwoodMelbourne Stars 4357Marauding Brawnies 304,021175,000,000 
19-08-2019Ranjit ArnoldDc PowerMelbourne Stars 4357 1,63810,300 
19-08-2019VijayaSimha KunjuVinith KeypunchersMelbourne Stars 4357 95411,100 
14-08-2019Andy OldenMelbourne Stars 4357Shanu Tigers 354,906150,602,800 
29-07-2019Jim JohnsonMelbourne Stars 4357Jugaaad 281,773109,760,000 
18-07-2019Peter AndersonMelbourne Stars 4357Rajpaul 134,06632,000,000 
17-07-2019Nicholas KabuMelbourne Stars 4357Bega 201,43943,693,100 
01-07-2019Brett ZoehrerMelbourne Stars 4357PG45 13,1761,802,500 
01-07-2019Colin WheenMelbourne Stars 4357Ksk Rockets 12,6051,750,000 
20-05-2019Nic KrugerMelbourne Stars 4357Yash Wings 6360 277,99062,593,100 
18-05-2019Kanak Vermaeleven stunnersMelbourne Stars 4357 284,652118,450,000 
29-04-2019Ernie CaringtonMelbourne Stars 4357S u n r i s e H y d e r a b a d 12,1271,133,000 
29-04-2019Denis MarshMelbourne Stars 4357S u n r i s e H y d e r a b a d 12,7661,133,000 
25-04-2019Sean BlewettMelbourne Stars 4357Tigra Controllers 11,7371,390,000 
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