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Transfer History

Players bought: 83
Players sold: 100
Total purchases: Rs 564,202,636
Total sales: Rs 542,898,720
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
18-04-2019Ajoy JainThe power hittersBraveheart warriors 13,3533,105,100 
18-04-2019Sunil SheokhandThe power hittersHyderabad fighterz ele11 65,0706,556,400 
18-04-2019Abhishek WaghmareThe power hittersThe fighters army 64,65715,000,000 
15-04-2019Shishir Agarwalgujarat crackersThe power hitters 88,24714,686,900 
15-04-2019Nathan QuinnJojo JamsThe power hitters 74,79210,240,000 
10-04-2019Naumaan BhattaThe power hittersThe fighters army 84,05521,299,200 
09-04-2019Abhishek BarthakurNyemkhan NerosThe power hitters 128,05721,900,000 
09-04-2019Chandravadan HmundinThe power hittersChennai Super Kings 638 50,33010,223,800 
09-04-2019Phillipps DaviesThe power hittersChennai Super Kings 638 37,0736,682,500 
09-04-2019Dasharath ChoudhuryThe power hittersChennai Super Kings 638 27,1949,173,000 
09-04-2019James BichelThe power hittersChennai Super Kings 638 45,38510,131,600 
08-04-2019Patrick BagotMangalore United XIThe power hitters 77,62215,351,200 
08-04-2019James DowlatTAMIL TI7ANSThe power hitters 96,51922,330,400 
07-04-2019Sanskaar KhetreRoyal's AvengersThe power hitters 107,76525,535,200 
15-08-2018Abhishek WaghmareBraveheart warriorsThe power hitters 61,27415,500,000 
14-08-2018James BichelBraveheart warriorsThe power hitters 44,48214,000,000 
12-08-2018Ramsundar SethurayarThe power hittersChennai Super Kings 638 51,13916,000,000 
31-03-2018Vikranth KamarapuThe power hitterswcc wineries 11 39,5501,653,700 
02-03-2018Sulaiman EmritThe power hittersRoyal Challengers Indian XI 100,79130,900,000 
02-03-2018Jayananda GoonatillekeThe power hittersDeactivated team 68,40424,597,800 
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