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Transfer History

Players bought: 38
Players sold: 80
Total purchases: Rs 320,898,000
Total sales: Rs 1,276,733,645
Displaying 1-20 of 118 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
30-06-2019Aneesh MohantyBeat Me If U Can 3785BensBees 13,8517,585,700 
17-06-2019Ashwath ChadhaWarriors of DestinyBeat Me If U Can 3785 13,8046,666,000 
16-06-2019Herbert ButlerSuicide Squad 007Beat Me If U Can 3785 13,1285,345,700 
14-06-2019Kanav GhoshBeat Me If U Can 3785KCM XI 36,79322,070,000 
11-06-2019Yash MaheshwariFaKe u BeachBeat Me If U Can 3785 12,0065,633,400 
01-06-2019Arfath MuqeethBeat Me If U Can 3785EPIC XI 53,63469,410,000 
01-06-2019Piyushh ChawlaBeat Me If U Can 3785EPIC XI 71,52973,796,300 
19-05-2019Naag SaxenaBeat Me If U Can 3785SPIRITS 13,5422,280,000 
17-05-2019Ben HusseyBeat Me If U Can 3785Surekha XI 357821 103,45940,278,000 
13-05-2019Abdul SohailBeat Me If U Can 3785Guchhu Floaters 53,8114,097,600 
06-05-2019Fitzroy HunteBeat Me If U Can 3785raipur rockers 113,02839,602,400 
05-05-2019Harshal ArunMUMBAI INDIANS 1213Beat Me If U Can 3785 163,90865,404,800 
20-04-2019Praveen GhoshAtharva AvionicsBeat Me If U Can 3785 2,76341,200 
16-04-2019Jaskarn MehraDhaka BeastsBeat Me If U Can 3785 2,790600,000 
15-04-2019Fawad GakharRajpoot GladiatorsBeat Me If U Can 3785 12,2675,762,800 
20-03-2019Ch SathaiahBeat Me If U Can 3785sparkling Thunderbird 176,61645,874,400 
18-03-2019Abdul SohailChamps Carsmashers 8985Beat Me If U Can 3785 63,1905,868,800 
16-03-2019Arvind Moothanpatel the name is enoughBeat Me If U Can 3785 8,2291,437,700 
14-03-2019Javed GulBeat Me If U Can 3785CRUEL CARIBBEANS 263,326129,282,400 
14-03-2019John SealBeat Me If U Can 3785RO 1 265,160128,833,200 
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