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Transfer History

Players bought: 12
Players sold: 17
Total purchases: Rs 18,316,320
Total sales: Rs 42,128,180
Displaying 1-20 of 29 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
16-12-2019Amit AhirwalItshoni The UniqueOdisha Jams 12,9871,360,000 
11-12-2019Rodger JacobMaratha Warriors 8665Itshoni The Unique 48,7973,150,400 
08-12-2019Mansoor AbedinItshoni The UniqueLakkhi S Legends 9,25560,000 
06-12-2019Shoiab KhalolItshoni The UniqueRajkot Tigers 9349 13,162128,600 
08-11-2019Nasir WazirItshoni The UniqueNeutral XI 5,94620,600 
31-07-2019Alviro MandelaItshoni The UniqueNepalese Heros 15,185178,000 
02-07-2019Medagoni AnvithJass HitmansItshoni The Unique 61,7515,406,500 
01-07-2019Sudip SachdevaItshoni The UniqueRanger 46,60535,680,000 
22-06-2019Amit SaxenaItshoni The UniqueBGS TITANS 10,2571,920,000 
21-06-2019Sathyamurthi DundurItshoni The UniqueRoyal Tamizhans 1,48410,300 
02-06-2019Muhammad AliItshoni The UniqueNadal XI 5,024110,000 
02-06-2019Zain KirmaniItshoni The UniqueNadal XI 5,53020,000 
02-06-2019Mithil PorathurItshoni The UniqueNadal XI 8,25240,000 
02-06-2019Saratchandra SenItshoni The Uniquelucknowwizards 30,808662,100 
02-06-2019Amin KhorasaniItshoni The UniqueAmaravati Dreamers 3679 11,608250,000 
09-04-2019Kadian DangItshoni The UniqueHoddyiitedyo497846863368ufodyo 50,8511,945,700 
06-04-2019Dhruv NidumoluItshoni The UniqueKnight Riders 602 20,3121,030,000 
31-03-2019Sathyamurthi DundurDevan 3446Itshoni The Unique 1,48410,000 
29-03-2019Saeed MasoodItshoni The UniqueAnanth 35,1851,500,000 
26-03-2019Lahiru AmilaChittilappily StarsItshoni The Unique 51,3811,156,400 
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