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Transfer History

Players bought: 296
Players sold: 210
Total purchases: Rs 3,219,954,114
Total sales: Rs 3,613,420,402
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
21-06-2020Matt SpraggChennaiyinCCRoyal Challengers Indian XI 294,43460,000,000 
20-06-2020Sachin GuptaKangayam ScorchersRoyal Challengers Indian XI 11,8595,780,600 
03-06-2020Samit JainRoyal Challengers Indian XIAlton XI 27,52210,099,800 
03-06-2020Parvez BuragohainRoyal Challengers Indian XIMeerut Rajputana XI 36,92592,370,000 
04-05-2020Parvez BuragohainAG BrothersRoyal Challengers Indian XI 22,79460,365,200 
01-05-2020Samit JainBoom Boom BashersRoyal Challengers Indian XI 12,1898,741,900 
30-04-2020Frank CastanhaRoyal Challengers Indian XIKingdoms Urbans 39,66857,461,600 
29-04-2020Shahid ZardariRoyal Challengers Indian XIKangayam Scorchers 23,18351,133,800 
20-04-2020Shahid ZardariTrivandrum RoyalsRoyal Challengers Indian XI 15,61214,861,200 
28-03-2020Suraj SunilkumarRoyal Challengers Indian XIMeerut Rajputana XI 26,57032,235,000 
08-02-2020Devnath DivvelaTelangana NawabsRoyal Challengers Indian XI 10,47815,000,000 
07-02-2020Frank CastanhaSharique StrikersRoyal Challengers Indian XI 12,00216,750,400 
06-02-2020Elton ChirombeSyngal Caper 4724Royal Challengers Indian XI 14,30015,671,500 
05-02-2020Gabby KellyClub 87 Marching AntsRoyal Challengers Indian XI 12,71220,088,200 
02-02-2020Gurshant MaanCovai Super Kings 109Royal Challengers Indian XI 13,94212,173,700 
02-02-2020Suraj SunilkumarCsk 2409Royal Challengers Indian XI 5,9433,090,000 
02-02-2020Husain FasihuddinRoyal Challengers Indian XIShadab Worriors 137,3805,876,200 
31-01-2020Joss ButlerRoyal Challengers Indian XIKings xi punjab 45 164,61912,350,300 
31-01-2020Victor KapriceRoyal Challengers Indian XIBidhan's Tigers 204,26717,377,200 
31-01-2020Robert AldenRoyal Challengers Indian XIBangla Village 142,3478,413,200 
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