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Transfer History

Players bought: 18
Players sold: 36
Total purchases: Rs 57,017,700
Total sales: Rs 116,417,600
Displaying 41-54 of 54 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
03-04-2018Paresh AgarwalThe MambosKashmir Lions 6,989220,000 
02-04-2018Inayat Aurakzaicaptain cool msThe Mambos 11,3631,055,700 
01-04-2018Dost WazirThe MambosDeactivated team 14,9611,160,000 
29-03-2018Bhooshan BaruaChomilla VictoriansThe Mambos 25,7623,590,000 
29-03-2018Aquib KhanThe Mambosbhoot11 5,51070,000 
25-03-2018Debraj ZathangJunior Shetty'sThe Mambos 38,2802,850,000 
24-03-2018Dinkal SinghalThe MambosSamurai's Xi 6,251220,000 
24-03-2018Arohan PandalaThe MambosSamurai's Xi 7,167320,000 
24-03-2018Bahadur HassanThe MambosSamurai's Xi 4,897150,000 
22-03-2018Rohan KhandelwalWizard Wolves 6498The Mambos 5,9041,920,000 
20-03-2018Ronak AcharyaThe MambosEAGLES ESSEX 4,710130,000 
20-03-2018Divesh JalanYOUR FATHER 01The Mambos 9,179464,000 
20-03-2018Dost WazirOutback BrumbiesThe Mambos 9,282341,900 
19-03-2018Douglas WynyardRam kings xiThe Mambos 24,7694,655,600 
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