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Transfer History

Players bought: 60
Players sold: 52
Total purchases: Rs 322,362,760
Total sales: Rs 208,577,828
Displaying 41-60 of 111 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
22-08-2018Sushant TrivediZishan Knight TigerSateesh Rebels 27,5633,325,300 
19-08-2018Sushant TrivediKAVVAL TIGERS XIZishan Knight Tiger 28,329894,400 
14-08-2018Atul YadavMannargudi MafiaZishan Knight Tiger 84,00511,596,000 
12-08-2018Yudhisthir KunjuZishan Knight TigerKing Of Cricket 3026 52,3785,135,900 
10-08-2018Jai SinghStar WarZishan Knight Tiger 59,4666,772,900 
09-08-2018Dayanand KunjuZishan Knight TigerSohan Sledgers 63,9508,569,600 
02-08-2018Rahman QadeerThe ShaDow HunteRsZishan Knight Tiger 74,0346,900,000 
02-08-2018Jaydeb RengsiZishan Knight TigerRudrakings 34,2573,781,000 
01-08-2018Vaitheeshwaran AbeykoonDc DangerZishan Knight Tiger 69,5847,560,000 
01-08-2018Roshan KaluperumaZishan Knight TigerDravid11 35,6934,120,000 
31-07-2018Ameer ShakirShankwali TigersZishan Knight Tiger 61,5266,753,100 
28-07-2018Andrew CalawayZishan Knight TigerThunder Boys 7258 23,5091,879,800 
19-07-2018Amidayan AriyatillekeZishan Knight Tigerkkolkata Knight Tigers 53,2788,380,000 
18-07-2018Yohan NadeeshaThe Sarthak KnightsZishan Knight Tiger 86,13912,000,000 
12-06-2018Mitul SwainStar Stormtroopers 4926Zishan Knight Tiger 44,4119,224,800 
10-06-2018Aaditya PanchamukhiMalgudi CCZishan Knight Tiger 75,7635,325,800 
08-06-2018Sanmay AsankaZishan Knight TigerAk Defenders 786 52,4404,490,000 
08-06-2018Mark PienaarZishan Knight TigerHITLIST 54,0106,980,000 
06-06-2018Jaydeb RengsiSiya XIZishan Knight Tiger 32,3542,500,000 
03-06-2018Yash KumarZishan Knight TigerChen Super Kings 19,9942,370,100 
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