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Transfer History

Players bought: 41
Players sold: 29
Total purchases: Rs 80,077,547
Total sales: Rs 33,451,300
Displaying 1-20 of 70 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
22-10-2018Dave FinschThe Universal ChampionThe Cool MSD 22,2393,200,000 
12-08-2018Darren TrumpeyAs StarsThe Cool MSD 25,8172,500,000 
05-07-2018Scott MaddocksThe Universal ChampionThe Cool MSD 8,1863,600,000 
05-07-2018Darren TrumpeyThe Cool MSDAs Stars 25,8172,543,600 
31-05-2018Brad MarshVenomous VipersThe Cool MSD 42,02510,051,000 
30-04-2018Saaketh MadavagandlaThe Cool MSDKing Fighter Dhaka 34,8163,447,500 
14-04-2018Irtaza AfridiThe Cool MSDDeactivated team 13,055713,600 
14-04-2018Aastik VernekarThe Cool MSDAsh Assets 6059 17,9572,999,200 
14-04-2018Naveen NahakpamThe Cool MSDDeactivated team 14,7161,606,700 
07-04-2018Omar ButtThe Cool MSDTamil Rockers 7111 23,9441,938,400 
07-04-2018Bipak BhattacharjeeThe Cool MSDKrishna Krushers 141 14,56667,700 
07-04-2018Dilshad UsmaniThe Cool MSDGokul Super Kings 5103 14,05186,400 
07-04-2018Chris BryanThe Cool MSDDeactivated team 4,538185,700 
07-04-2018Dev MahlotraThe Cool MSDMaratha Warriors 1875 8,757457,500 
26-03-2018Vedant JajooLightning SaudThe Cool MSD 47,18412,000,000 
20-03-2018Osric TrottThe Cool MSDMehbooob 21,4191,610,000 
20-03-2018Sushant KumarThe Cool MSDCentrals Cricket Club 21,3541,740,000 
19-03-2018Rishab BhujbalThe Cool MSDKishor Shangha 26,9481,948,300 
19-03-2018Riel LiebenbergThe Cool MSDWinnipeg Warriors 22,8674,345,200 
19-03-2018Khaja ShehzadThe Cool MSDDivyansh Dragons 25,5161,310,400 
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