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Transfer History

Players bought: 39
Players sold: 68
Total purchases: Rs 955,055,100
Total sales: Rs 1,015,971,140
Displaying 1-20 of 107 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
13-07-2018Bhim BadaniSargodha Shaheens 1373YOUNG BIG HITTERS 39,4266,170,000 
11-07-2018Chandrahaas KatakeyYOUNG BIG HITTERSShivi Wings Xi 10,418515,000 
10-07-2018Usman SandhuYOUNG BIG HITTERSROYAL CHALLENGERS RCG 42,48910,000,000 
10-07-2018Chandrakumar KhonghawrCruelBaherYOUNG BIG HITTERS 42,45342,110,000 
09-07-2018Aslam AkbarYOUNG BIG HITTERSROYAL CHALLENGERS RCG 50,19735,000,000 
09-07-2018Nell SheldonNorthern TitansYOUNG BIG HITTERS 90,85070,000,000 
08-07-2018Sahil EkambaramBlaze King'sYOUNG BIG HITTERS 77,42530,280,000 
07-07-2018Nitish KamediaYOUNG BIG HITTERSDJ BLASTERS 10 66,08022,910,000 
06-07-2018Mareechi Bhattathirisams11YOUNG BIG HITTERS 73,96061,914,200 
05-07-2018Inam SadiqYOUNG BIG HITTERSGaurav Super Kings XI 84,78944,948,800 
05-07-2018William KabuYOUNG BIG HITTERSNinja 3313 83,16647,762,300 
04-07-2018Ripun AgarwalDeactivated teamYOUNG BIG HITTERS 57,97840,579,500 
04-07-2018Chinmay ValiathanInboxYOUNG BIG HITTERS 48,13152,767,900 
03-07-2018Bowen EaglestoneYOUNG BIG HITTERSGaurav Super Kings XI 60,60240,000,000 
03-07-2018Doug BadgeryYOUNG BIG HITTERSNinja 3313 104,67050,648,000 
01-07-2018Tapas BarooahRajasthani KingsYOUNG BIG HITTERS 66,01863,336,000 
26-06-2018Adviteeya GaddamYOUNG BIG HITTERSGaurav Super Kings XI 97,69663,502,400 
15-06-2018Matt GallopYOUNG BIG HITTERSBLACK SMASHERS 104,48865,996,700 
02-05-2018Cedric LavarackYOUNG BIG HITTERSROYAL CHALLENGERS RCG 24,0482,000,000 
01-05-2018Jimmy PattinsonYOUNG BIG HITTERSBLACK SMASHERS 33,00123,000,000 
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