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Transfer History

Players bought: 61
Players sold: 80
Total purchases: Rs 1,077,930,520
Total sales: Rs 1,810,568,621
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
08-08-2019Janangir HosenFIGHT FOR VICTORYSolar Assassin's 228,488177,916,800 
01-07-2019Tavon GomesMechboyzzFIGHT FOR VICTORY 13,40911,441,800 
30-06-2019Priyush GodhwaniJaDDu RhiNoSFIGHT FOR VICTORY 277,651130,540,800 
30-04-2019Victor BackhouseINDIAN KINGS 11FIGHT FOR VICTORY 274,36073,158,200 
19-04-2019Debiprasad PhookanChennai city XIFIGHT FOR VICTORY 12,6942,585,500 
19-04-2019Sachin GuptaMGT XIFIGHT FOR VICTORY 13,834927,000 
04-04-2019Anuj RaaviFIGHT FOR VICTORYNuclear Tiger 70,37150,430,000 
04-04-2019Amresh KumarFIGHT FOR VICTORYdreem 11 94,56450,030,000 
04-04-2019Sujit DasFIGHT FOR VICTORYJeet Jaguars 250,90955,126,400 
12-03-2019Bipin KhenglawtTelugu Warriors 3106FIGHT FOR VICTORY 13,62910,335,600 
04-03-2019Acaryanandana DangiFIGHT FOR VICTORYSanjeet Controllers 98,29530,380,000 
15-02-2019Pratik SaxenaFIGHT FOR VICTORYFEIND HUNTER'S 17,4247,850,000 
15-02-2019Ganesh KhadgiFIGHT FOR VICTORYAimim 11 24,81922,820,000 
15-02-2019Arnav RathoreFIGHT FOR VICTORYBhatkal Warriors 151,05065,538,400 
12-02-2019Larry MilneFIGHT FOR VICTORY123CSK 126,69950,950,400 
11-02-2019Sujit DasCHENNAI SUPER KINGS cskFIGHT FOR VICTORY 249,30055,167,300 
11-02-2019Balakrishnan VivekCHENNAI SUPER KINGS cskFIGHT FOR VICTORY 231,26856,518,800 
01-02-2019Ahendranath AcharjeeEktarangXIFIGHT FOR VICTORY 114,65241,200,000 
01-02-2019Acaryanandana DangiEktarangXIFIGHT FOR VICTORY 76,82720,000,000 
25-01-2019Anuj GoswamiFIGHT FOR VICTORY11 Stars United 139,92776,870,000 
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