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Transfer History

Players bought: 29
Players sold: 20
Total purchases: Rs 113,593,800
Total sales: Rs 54,436,400
Displaying 1-20 of 49 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
07-08-2019Mazhar RizviChrisXIansRoyale king Tigers 59,1607,336,000 
07-08-2019Edward WalmsleyRoyale king TigersRoyal Twisters 65,9818,000,000 
09-06-2019Arjun KharibamGONUGUNTARoyale king Tigers 133,80530,018,400 
04-05-2019Kalyan TalwariRoyale king TigersSathiyamoorthy Stormshadows 57,33711,196,000 
09-04-2019Sumeet SinghRoyale king TigersPHOENIX RISING 12,87911,018,000 
08-04-2019Fikile HudsonRoyale king TigersFatal Eagles 41,3555,000,000 
11-03-2019Debesh BhatiaRoyale king TigersChennai Super Kings 6554 40,8383,910,000 
09-03-2019Ravan BhattathiriWARLOCKSRoyale king Tigers 99,64912,804,000 
18-01-2019Abhishek KumarKerala WarriorsRoyale king Tigers 77,64315,913,500 
13-01-2019Bimal ZongteRoyale king TigersBarthal Eleven Star 42,5024,000,000 
28-11-2018Saud GhazaliRoyale king TigersRandy Yaholians 43,8901,890,000 
14-11-2018Kalyan TalwariUnleashers XIRoyale king Tigers 26,5605,152,700 
28-10-2018Vijaykumar KarmarkarIconic RydersRoyale king Tigers 50,9894,882,200 
21-10-2018Masood NaqviRoyale king TigersVizag Guns 7316 19,041782,200 
21-10-2018Rohan GawadeRoyale king TigersDeactivated team 12,4471,780,000 
01-10-2018Bimal ZongteSazid GfRoyale king Tigers 40,2055,832,000 
23-08-2018Bryan ChristieRoyale king TigersRun Rattlesnakes 13,9711,820,000 
06-08-2018Bryan ChristieTom's XIRoyale king Tigers 13,9711,020,000 
29-07-2018Saud GhazaliTeam NoidaRoyale king Tigers 54,3734,514,600 
07-06-2018Joydeep BannerjeeRoyale king TigersShield 9594 17,1681,000,000 
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