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Transfer History

Players bought: 10
Players sold: 15
Total purchases: Rs 93,887,000
Total sales: Rs 62,005,100
Displaying 1-20 of 25 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
02-12-2017Shaheed Hussaindown to the earthNS Dhoni Ultimate 11 92,85223,617,000 
01-12-2017Senthil NagalingamNS Dhoni Ultimate 11AWM 50,49721,218,000 
02-10-2017Senthil Nagalingamdown to the earthNS Dhoni Ultimate 11 50,49734,590,000 
09-08-2017Grant Gerralddown to the earthNS Dhoni Ultimate 11 13,6524,326,000 
28-07-2017Imran GhazaliNS Dhoni Ultimate 11nagarjuna 20,8783,183,700 
24-06-2017Hafiz AliNS Dhoni Ultimate 11Sheikh's Storms 85,41510,146,300 
24-06-2017Yogit BeheraNS Dhoni Ultimate 11BLEED BLUES 3575 13,0524,039,200 
11-06-2017Yogit BeheraIMMORTAL SAGENS Dhoni Ultimate 11 13,0524,284,000 
03-06-2017Hafiz Alidown to the earthNS Dhoni Ultimate 11 85,19312,945,000 
15-05-2017Rashid HussainNS Dhoni Ultimate 11XI Kalippanmar 19,35711,766,500 
19-03-2017Dharmaaalingam PrasadNS Dhoni Ultimate 11Karachi fearless 17,2426,194,100 
09-03-2017Anant VemulapalliNS Dhoni Ultimate 11Evil Sorcerers 14,6281,481,100 
21-02-2017Bhaanu VemuriNS Dhoni Ultimate 11ODISHA CO & COMPNY 28,761513,700 
21-02-2017Justin GodwinNS Dhoni Ultimate 11KUNNING PRINCE 40,5061,292,200 
07-02-2017Robert BourneEnglish Each WayNS Dhoni Ultimate 11 21,1931,710,000 
06-02-2017Justin GodwinWarner LeftoversNS Dhoni Ultimate 11 40,5065,350,000 
27-12-2016Chiranjan KatakeyNS Dhoni Ultimate 11Raina Raisers 13,6942,205,000 
26-12-2016Zahid SamiullahNS Dhoni Ultimate 11SrinathStrikers 21,7722,000,000 
23-12-2016Jack WestNS Dhoni Ultimate 11John Jolts 14,171204,000 
23-12-2016Oscar PerkinNS Dhoni Ultimate 11John Jolts 14,546927,500 
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