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Transfer History

Players bought: 86
Players sold: 141
Total purchases: Rs 1,994,587,540
Total sales: Rs 2,065,664,039
Displaying 1-20 of 227 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
10-07-2020Manzoor Buttsun sets in the EastPUNJAB BULLS 238,41632,445,000 
19-03-2020Debiprasad Mehtasun sets in the EastPratik Popeye eleven 20,5181,545,000 
15-03-2020Debiprasad MehtaBctp Whitessun sets in the East 20,5184,635,000 
12-03-2020Chandrakishore Uikhawlsun sets in the EastTeam Afg 25,609850,000 
10-03-2020Manzoor ButtNidhin Raiderssun sets in the East 229,68454,660,500 
10-03-2020Lalchand Nainsun sets in the EastPUNJAB BULLS 130,15197,858,400 
10-03-2020Jabber HossainKohliansun sets in the East 12,0437,416,400 
12-02-2020Sachin AndhakChak De 302sun sets in the East 353,969135,061,200 
10-02-2020Herbert Baughsun sets in the EastAllegiants 158,04360,504,300 
27-01-2020Haresh Dubsun sets in the EastDream 15 13,0971,250,000 
09-01-2020Biplab Rathoresun sets in the EastNumber Crunchers 13,27034,890,900 
15-11-2019Chandravadan Khenglawtsun sets in the EastSachinjindal Superheroes 263,20840,000,000 
04-11-2019Ashan AttanayakeOm Nom Nomsun sets in the East 194,02888,230,000 
03-10-2019Pradyut Bhattasun sets in the EastSuper Kings 3849 206,84529,851,500 
02-10-2019Praveen AggarwalEagle Cagesun sets in the East 224,880100,755,200 
02-10-2019Siddhant Bhattsun sets in the EastLaghman Atalan 190,511107,438,400 
30-09-2019Janvijay Khandelwalsun sets in the EastBangali Tigers 12,68311,930,800 
08-07-2019Clement Jarmansun sets in the EastGhouri 169,87640,000,000 
06-07-2019Herbert BaughBLACK SMASHERSsun sets in the East 151,44873,824,300 
03-07-2019Dhruv Kalkondasun sets in the EastTeam Hitwicket X 13,6037,060,000 
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