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Transfer History

Players bought: 61
Players sold: 108
Total purchases: Rs 1,689,835,420
Total sales: Rs 1,781,677,971
Displaying 41-60 of 169 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
15-07-2017Anek RevenkarANGRY BENGAL TIGERDeactivated team 16,1152,706,200 
24-06-2017Ranjeet KhandeepANGRY BENGAL TIGERVeer rockers 14,4903,121,200 
09-05-2017Liam HendrickANGRY BENGAL TIGERDeactivated team 150,43715,851,700 
04-03-2017Dirk NewtonANGRY BENGAL TIGERDeactivated team 21,6574,642,900 
16-02-2017Sahil MondalANGRY BENGAL TIGERFRAGILE FORCE 16,8843,366,000 
26-01-2017Daanish BhatiaANGRY BENGAL TIGERDeactivated team 19,5984,500,000 
12-01-2017Chinmay KatakiANGRY BENGAL TIGERDeactivated team 16,5423,200,000 
06-01-2017Aditya YadavANGRY BENGAL TIGERHELL DOWN UNDER 6 20,31935,000,000 
23-10-2016Darren KopoANGRY BENGAL TIGERKnight Ryder 107,68415,300,000 
22-10-2016Liam HendrickForca BarcaANGRY BENGAL TIGER 199,92258,583,200 
06-10-2016Arnab MukherjeeANGRY BENGAL TIGERDeactivated team 17,4191,036,700 
27-09-2016Rishab VallavaraiyarANGRY BENGAL TIGERKashmir Mariners 77,79810,020,300 
06-09-2016Amit GoyalANGRY BENGAL TIGERSaurabh XI 7801 52,4364,734,300 
06-09-2016Arvindra SharmaANGRY BENGAL TIGERRishav1103 51,7335,306,100 
06-09-2016Eranga HansaniANGRY BENGAL TIGERMughilan XI 25,6562,040,000 
03-09-2016Byam MeyerstrokemakersANGRY BENGAL TIGER 186,35583,232,000 
01-09-2016Novindra KarrDeactivated teamANGRY BENGAL TIGER 19,6613,121,200 
01-09-2016Lawton VitorivsivaANGRY BENGAL TIGER 13,4602,050,222 
01-09-2016Gordon CarnegieDeactivated teamANGRY BENGAL TIGER 26,0593,000,000 
31-08-2016Sourav VashuANGRY BENGAL TIGERBengal Lion XI 17,2551,428,000 
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