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Transfer History

Players bought: 61
Players sold: 108
Total purchases: Rs 1,689,835,420
Total sales: Rs 1,781,677,971
Displaying 21-40 of 169 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
18-02-2019SaiCharan BhagatANGRY BENGAL TIGERfiery blast 249,51843,742,000 
28-01-2019SaiCharan BhagatNellore cricket clubANGRY BENGAL TIGER 272,83478,755,200 
17-01-2019Yaswanth DeviANGRY BENGAL TIGERpilakudipatti apsrl levens 175,13938,383,838 
28-12-2018Yaswanth DeviNellore cricket clubANGRY BENGAL TIGER 186,45575,572,899 
04-12-2018Rohitash RathiLyari XIANGRY BENGAL TIGER 112,57957,084,000 
04-12-2018Gordon CarnegieANGRY BENGAL TIGERVaghani XI 162,31246,130,123 
09-11-2018Lawton VitoriANGRY BENGAL TIGERDashing Riders 187,79282,428,800 
05-10-2018Novindra KarrANGRY BENGAL TIGERHoney Badger 161,23978,280,000 
03-10-2018Austen MuddeVizag wavesANGRY BENGAL TIGER 255,889141,056,500 
29-09-2018Abhiroop ValiyaveetilAbdul Imperials 9884ANGRY BENGAL TIGER 3,74750,000 
12-07-2018Sumeet RastogiXTREME HEROESANGRY BENGAL TIGER 22,24229,470,000 
12-04-2018Daljeet DivvelaANGRY BENGAL TIGER11 Stars United 165,15787,550,000 
10-04-2018Malvern NcubeShambo SuperheroesANGRY BENGAL TIGER 26,29720,600,000 
09-02-2018Vaibhav ParabANGRY BENGAL TIGERGame Of Thrones 2 148,28598,538,400 
02-12-2017Kamal DagaANGRY BENGAL TIGERJayanth Jolts 31,68822,686,200 
28-10-2017Wasim YounisANGRY BENGAL TIGERY2J Warrior's 245,69246,743,500 
22-10-2017Oscar BrownANGRY BENGAL TIGERviru fire 225,72523,185,700 
17-09-2017Oscar BrownMAHI'S MUSTANGSANGRY BENGAL TIGER 225,72550,000,000 
15-09-2017Wasim YounisDeactivated teamANGRY BENGAL TIGER 286,04541,201,100 
01-09-2017Ap SambanthanANGRY BENGAL TIGERMONSTER FORCE 146,23971,875,100 
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