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Transfer History

Players bought: 61
Players sold: 108
Total purchases: Rs 1,689,835,420
Total sales: Rs 1,781,677,971
Displaying 1-20 of 169 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
09-09-2019Ritwik GhanghasSign OutANGRY BENGAL TIGER 417,631180,000,000 
07-09-2019Naaveen JainANGRY BENGAL TIGERCRICKET AUSTRALIA 165,58068,332,800 
07-09-2019Sahil Acharya jnrANGRY BENGAL TIGERRing Master 64,77515,000,000 
07-09-2019Khagesh GhadaiANGRY BENGAL TIGERRing Master 49,05313,000,530 
19-08-2019Krunaal PandyaANGRY BENGAL TIGERBLACK DRANZERS 590,32574,065,200 
19-08-2019Sahil Acharya jnrkakinada sixersANGRY BENGAL TIGER 68,07822,150,000 
03-07-2019Gobinda ThakoreKsk RocketsANGRY BENGAL TIGER 23,4492,100,000 
03-07-2019Gandharv BahadurKsk RocketsANGRY BENGAL TIGER 11,5051,890,000 
03-07-2019Naaveen JainMaGiCaL MoNsTeRANGRY BENGAL TIGER 165,58084,000,000 
03-07-2019Gilbert KallisHarhellxiANGRY BENGAL TIGER 6,592400,000 
08-06-2019Wahaab RiazANGRY BENGAL TIGERHACKED 367,71373,891,800 
03-06-2019Krunaal PandyaNellore cricket clubANGRY BENGAL TIGER 738,576158,400,800 
01-06-2019Thirugnanam KarANGRY BENGAL TIGERYankee cricketers 166,62046,410,000 
01-06-2019Lakshmiram MedhiANGRY BENGAL TIGERHits A lot 69,36020,330,000 
18-05-2019Rohitash RathiANGRY BENGAL TIGERThe Grecians 146,41771,840,000 
11-05-2019Mithil RanaANGRY BENGAL TIGERBeatless XI 90,23849,290,000 
04-05-2019Wahaab RiazNellore cricket clubANGRY BENGAL TIGER 423,753136,698,000 
29-04-2019Austen MuddeANGRY BENGAL TIGERPorsh X1 304,05197,476,400 
06-04-2019Khagesh GhadaiHOT SPICYANGRY BENGAL TIGER 49,05314,999,999 
24-02-2019Thirugnanam KarMaGiCaL MoNsTeRANGRY BENGAL TIGER 164,41475,000,000 
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