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Transfer History

Players bought: 118
Players sold: 153
Total purchases: Rs 2,972,825,300
Total sales: Rs 3,026,285,900
Displaying 1-20 of 271 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
06-05-2020Elham TutakhaliBEST OF All TIME XiSWARD WARRIORS 11,7352,490,000 
03-03-2020Jay prakas BidariBEST OF All TIME XiBest Of Nepal XI 13,4563,000,000 
22-02-2020Jason EligonCatchmeIFuCAN777BEST OF All TIME Xi 86,13667,577,900 
22-02-2020Sachin SitlhouBEST OF All TIME XiBest Of Nepal XI 30,33217,000,000 
22-02-2020Dominic RoobanBEST OF All TIME XiWarriors of himalaya 135,67740,000,000 
22-02-2020Santosh AcharyaBEST OF All TIME XiSagarmatha Warriors 12,7013,399,000 
21-02-2020George JardinePoranki PoragalluBEST OF All TIME Xi 1,50410,000 
21-02-2020Brad JacksonMumbai Xplicits 1881BEST OF All TIME Xi 1,5045,000 
19-02-2020Chandrahaas ChhunghlehBEST OF All TIME XiWarriors of God 12,7993,300,000 
08-02-2020Ralton DanielBEST OF All TIME XiStoffels Giants 10,9579,076,100 
07-02-2020Bishal ThapaBEST OF All TIME XiBest Of Nepal XI 13,6343,000,000 
06-02-2020Arjun BhattMagical RoHitmanBEST OF All TIME Xi 192,65461,800,000 
06-02-2020Robert JaquesINDIAN KINGS 11BEST OF All TIME Xi 628,197177,238,800 
06-02-2020Brett BadgeryKrish MarvelBEST OF All TIME Xi 43,49773,283,800 
05-02-2020Jagdish JogiyaniBEST OF All TIME XiWarriors of God 153,22760,000,000 
05-02-2020Sanil AhirwalWarriors of himalayaBEST OF All TIME Xi 44,96921,854,600 
04-02-2020Sachin SitlhouAllegiantsBEST OF All TIME Xi 30,3325,935,000 
04-02-2020Ralton DanielDivision BellBEST OF All TIME Xi 8,6842,121,800 
04-02-2020Ayub HabibiBEST OF All TIME XiBest Of Nepal XI 13,1033,340,000 
04-02-2020Arijit HanumanthuBEST OF All TIME XiBest Of Nepal XI 14,0783,300,000 
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