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Transfer History

Players bought: 28
Players sold: 64
Total purchases: Rs 271,386,700
Total sales: Rs 1,094,745,428
Displaying 21-40 of 92 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
14-03-2018Mo Shami12 angry menHimanshudevilsXI 23,15114,481,800 
12-03-2018Dishant SamalaSpydr45hb12 angry men 28,6488,370,600 
01-01-2018Dheerandra Kumar12 angry menInsomniacS 23,2145,747,400 
02-11-2017Dickon Virgo12 angry menAEIDENZ XI 35,19925,000,000 
28-09-2017Fikile Bailey12 angry menhuntrz Eleven 34,1918,256,100 
28-09-2017Sonu Deore12 angry menRoyal challagers 31,3806,023,300 
28-09-2017Ricky Greig12 angry menHangover Highlanders 37,4583,170,300 
27-09-2017George BaddeleyFarook Amazers12 angry men 37,66127,509,200 
27-09-2017Dickon VirgoRed Streak12 angry men 27,21513,791,700 
22-09-2017Shoaib ShafiqLucky Ra012 angry men 34,71130,000,000 
17-09-2017Lester Adamson12 angry menRahul Rattlesnakes 5749 25,78210,000,000 
17-08-2017Shubham Baghel12 angry menDeactivated team 121,70369,556,700 
16-08-2017Ranesh Sanduni12 angry menMandorva 11 53,4006,152,300 
16-08-2017Anilabh Vashu12 angry menHind force 58,6015,921,900 
15-08-2017Anamul NafeesCRY BABY12 angry men 23,68612,889,400 
15-08-2017Lester AdamDistrait xi12 angry men 33,96419,707,800 
15-08-2017Tanay NidumoluMUMBAI INDIANS 121312 angry men 21,4747,644,000 
07-06-2017Himanshu Phadnis12 angry menDeactivated team 19,6692,252,500 
31-05-2017Biplab Goswami12 angry menBadboy Beasts 19,5673,570,000 
10-05-2017Gajvadan Garware12 angry mensattu warriors 16,7173,183,700 
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