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Transfer History

Players bought: 27
Players sold: 6
Total purchases: Rs 55,300,133
Total sales: Rs 7,645,600
Displaying 1-20 of 33 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
16-06-2019Michael PadmoreThe Superstars 3262The Inferno Superlords 14,5842,200,000 
18-03-2019Amalendra MekaThe Superstars 3262The Inferno Superlords 28,4405,500,000 
17-03-2019Aditya KimThe Superstars 3262The Inferno Superlords 37,6083,000,000 
14-03-2019Percy MedcalfThe Superstars 3262The Inferno Superlords 16,988900,000 
22-07-2018Dumis AndersonRoyal Bengal Maharashtrian XIThe Inferno Superlords 52,6034,060,800 
22-05-2018Makhaya TichanaRoyal Bengal Maharashtrian XIThe Inferno Superlords 36,0464,000,000 
20-05-2018Chandrakumar ChakrabortiSuper Indian WarriorsThe Inferno Superlords 14,6761,545,000 
14-05-2018Stephen CosgroveContai Super KnightsThe Inferno Superlords 40,0117,210,000 
23-06-2017Galton TheronThe Inferno SuperlordsDrunked XI 16,0761,172,000 
20-06-2017Hashani De Silvakannur thamburansThe Inferno Superlords 32,2097,391,300 
15-06-2017Sachin SaxenaThe Inferno SuperlordsNo Fear 6368 30,6862,080,800 
15-06-2017Gobardhan SaxenaThe Inferno SuperlordsSoham's Incredibles 36,070586,200 
15-06-2017Pratik KumarThe Inferno SuperlordsSupreet Sirens 16,9271,082,600 
15-06-2017Jagat ShergillThe Inferno Superlordshunters 6848 13,8891,324,000 
16-02-2017Saklain ShafiqThe Inferno Superlordsmashup 22,4261,400,000 
15-01-2017Maroof ButtThe Kalboisakhi Thunders KolkataThe Inferno Superlords 33,659450,000 
05-12-2016Mark DeanJAI CLUBThe Inferno Superlords 18,8311,757,800 
04-12-2016Kurt McCullumParasar XIThe Inferno Superlords 32,9571,072,500 
04-12-2016Sachith SangakkaraBalor ClubThe Inferno Superlords 21,6812,678,100 
04-12-2016Anant GokurajuSunny Slingers 34The Inferno Superlords 14,875520,200 
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