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Transfer History

Players bought: 24
Players sold: 29
Total purchases: Rs 414,181,500
Total sales: Rs 304,049,300
Displaying 21-40 of 53 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
17-09-2018Aslam SiddiquiRespect Indian ArmyMunna Cricket Club 94,90949,275,200 
12-09-2018Shyful NazirShobujkhanMunna Cricket Club 2,03360,000 
10-09-2018Bawthis PawarRemon GladiatorMunna Cricket Club 1,94525,800 
04-09-2018Fawad NazeerMunna Cricket ClubFlat track Strikers 12,4288,249,900 
03-09-2018Gareth NibbiMunna Cricket ClubJames007 86,11413,000,000 
02-09-2018Ahmed UsmaniMunna Cricket Clubjahaaz 39,4977,645,000 
20-08-2018Hamid AkhtarMunna Cricket ClubKishan Legends 14,8971,500,000 
20-08-2018Salim AhmedMunna Cricket ClubNeerajanand Bakchod 12,3001,383,400 
12-08-2018Mazhar MalikMunna Cricket ClubNathan XI 3125 14,7992,000,000 
08-08-2018Danny Bagelemurian pistonsMunna Cricket Club 48,86315,450,000 
07-08-2018Zahoor KhanMunna Cricket ClubYaduvansi Royal 51,28317,790,000 
06-08-2018Malik JagiraniAB G XIMunna Cricket Club 51,77114,000,000 
04-08-2018Harveer VermaMunna Cricket ClubChennain super kings 67,51919,595,400 
04-08-2018Hamid AkhtarSubhadeep RocksMunna Cricket Club 12,6622,240,000 
03-08-2018Gareth Nibbi11 England 11Munna Cricket Club 82,71813,905,000 
26-07-2018Imran MazharMunna Cricket ClubRana Gladiators 46,5889,782,200 
25-07-2018Gobinda BorkotokyThe Champ's XiMunna Cricket Club 95,02636,050,000 
24-07-2018Prasenjit KapoorMunna Cricket ClubSAGAR ISLAND 84,82537,131,500 
23-07-2018Sajjad UmarKolkatta CCMunna Cricket Club 77,05310,815,000 
20-07-2018Faisal FahimMunna Cricket ClubDupen XI 36,5434,811,200 
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