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Transfer History

Players bought: 19
Players sold: 41
Total purchases: Rs 146,199,950
Total sales: Rs 167,495,459
Displaying 21-40 of 60 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
31-10-2013Vijay KamarapuDeactivated teamThe Night's Watch 5,0844,147,200 
15-10-2013George WalshThe Night's WatchTHE DREAMKILLERS 3,735500,000 
11-10-2013Aditya Varmaspartans XIThe Night's Watch 24,08312,989,200 
19-09-2013Shevon ThorneThe Night's Watchwolf pack 3,600668,700 
19-09-2013Ramanaresh ValentineThe Night's WatchVizag whales 2,689734,700 
15-09-2013Joey BaptistThe Night's WatchRavenclaw' XI 12,6101,000,700 
15-09-2013Gangaadhar AnantaneniThe Night's WatchDeactivated team 10,466675,900 
15-09-2013Amjad WazirThe Night's WatchTietaniym tigers 12,083921,900 
05-09-2013Owen JordanThe Night's WatchDeactivated team 9,4621,500,000 
03-09-2013Nicholas TomThe Night's WatchDeactivated team 8,9791,040,400 
02-09-2013Zahid MalikThe Night's WatchArmy Ants 25,27542,000,000 
01-09-2013Justin GallandDeactivated teamThe Night's Watch 14,8528,402,300 
30-08-2013Jaspreet GuptaDeactivated teamThe Night's Watch 12,2713,848,500 
25-08-2013Umar KardarThe Night's WatchRajasthan Royals 2,5152,252,500 
23-08-2013Abhik HauvawngDeactivated teamThe Night's Watch 5,2995,320,600 
22-08-2013Umar KardarDeactivated teamThe Night's Watch 2,5151,836,000 
21-08-2013Shawn SmithThe Night's WatchThe All Losers 8,5741,122,000 
15-08-2013James WaltersThe Night's WatchDeactivated team 6,2081,351,600 
17-07-2013Kashyap KohliThe Night's WatchDeactivated team 12,2013,060,000 
29-06-2013Leonard KentishThe Night's WatchDeaD EnD 2,043541,400 
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