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Transfer History

Players bought: 20
Players sold: 12
Total purchases: Rs 231,673,000
Total sales: Rs 158,219,300
Displaying 1-20 of 32 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
28-11-2018Myron Adkinsmathagal vsc kingpukal super king 128,92740,152,000 
24-11-2018Jacob Bewleypukal super kingmathagal vsc king 12,2862,240,000 
24-11-2018Antriksh Jaitlypukal super kingmathagal vsc king 12,7592,010,000 
21-11-2018Arnav Saxenapukal super kingBangalore Bulldozers 38,44915,540,000 
28-10-2018Acanda RoyRD XI 6202pukal super king 13,6601,476,100 
28-10-2018Vidur KuttyRaghav Tigerspukal super king 12,9352,120,000 
19-10-2018Arnav SaxenaPhileopukal super king 13,6063,254,800 
18-10-2018Magan PanchalSachinist MSDian XIpukal super king 36,0261,600,000 
17-09-2018Wayne Stewartpukal super kingChennai Super Kings 9196 144,66816,082,900 
22-08-2018Wayne Stewartmathagal vsc kingpukal super king 157,95028,111,200 
28-07-2018Gerhard Quinnpukal super kingDangerous Xi 1791 179,12429,693,400 
26-06-2018Gerhard Quinnmathagal vsc kingpukal super king 200,28748,380,800 
15-06-2018Partho Sharmapukal super kingDELHI DYNAMITE 208,58833,308,000 
07-06-2018Partho Sharmamathagal vsc kingpukal super king 214,61739,128,400 
19-12-2017Orlando Tuckettpukal super kingEMERGING SUPERSTARS 202,01732,781,900 
11-12-2017Orlando Tuckettmathagal vsc kingpukal super king 202,01734,000,000 
10-12-2017Archie Hewittpukal super kingDeactivated team 15,1211,807,300 
22-11-2017Hugh McMohanpukal super kingThane Tycoons 11,8012,000,000 
14-09-2017Phil Gilchristpukal super kingShyam Shadows 1676 35,57417,389,300 
22-07-2017Phil Gilchristmathagal vsc kingpukal super king 35,57430,600,000 
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