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Transfer History

Players bought: 193
Players sold: 325
Total purchases: Rs 22,824,272,526
Total sales: Rs 25,374,031,995
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
29-04-2020Hardik PandiyaONE TEAM ONE DREAMK Ants 539,293225,101,800 
27-04-2020Aron FinchHISTORY REPEATERSONE TEAM ONE DREAM 447,278281,703,700 
17-04-2020Rohan JoshiFighter NinjaONE TEAM ONE DREAM 312,756337,652,700 
17-04-2020Osric MeyerONE TEAM ONE DREAMSPECIAL SQUAD 202,336234,840,000 
17-04-2020Frank LaurensONE TEAM ONE DREAMFatal Eagles 222,940251,320,000 
17-04-2020Dhanraj PandiyanONE TEAM ONE DREAMGame Of Thrones 2 341,999247,000,000 
17-04-2020Kunal PandiyaONE TEAM ONE DREAMGame Of Thrones 2 602,231228,000,000 
17-04-2020Safdar BakhtONE TEAM ONE DREAMMarauding Brawnies 456,387266,770,000 
17-04-2020Magical GaneshMaGiCaL MoNsTeRONE TEAM ONE DREAM 383,909772,500,000 
05-04-2020Anuj AgarwalONE TEAM ONE DREAMWorld Strikers 393,000111,394,500 
05-04-2020Abraham MbangwaONE TEAM ONE DREAMMaGiCaL MoNsTeR 318,16362,000,000 
03-04-2020Ritwik KumarONE TEAM ONE DREAMDhaka Supper Giants 406,489115,000,000 
03-04-2020Eoinn MorganONE TEAM ONE DREAMThunder Kats 359,826150,000,000 
04-03-2020Steve SlaterONE TEAM ONE DREAMAssKickers X1 77,22731,000,000 
02-03-2020Frank LaurensThe Lord of T and WONE TEAM ONE DREAM 219,108250,995,600 
28-02-2020Cooper ReedONE TEAM ONE DREAMFade to Black 33,94512,030,000 
28-02-2020Alex SiddonsONE TEAM ONE DREAMInvincibles 8820 106,78731,300,600 
27-02-2020Nikhil GuptaONE TEAM ONE DREAMKrish Warrior 226,701141,435,900 
26-02-2020Abraham MbangwaMaGiCaL MoNsTeRONE TEAM ONE DREAM 318,163160,000,000 
24-02-2020Pranab PujariONE TEAM ONE DREAMPALAN WARRIOR 207,77176,490,900 
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