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Transfer History

Players bought: 62
Players sold: 115
Total purchases: Rs 505,894,500
Total sales: Rs 674,991,600
Displaying 161-176 of 176 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
06-04-2013Niaz AhmedTITANSKING KOHLI X1 961275,000 
05-04-2013Saiyid AkramDeactivated teamKING KOHLI X1 1,765494,200 
05-04-2013Byam QuongKING KOHLI X1Deactivated team 2,103750,000 
05-04-2013Kiran MongiaDeactivated teamKING KOHLI X1 1,108420,000 
04-04-2013Dost SalahuddinDeactivated teamKING KOHLI X1 1,374260,100 
04-04-2013Pranab KapoorFossil TitanKING KOHLI X1 2,417506,000 
03-04-2013Saurav RawatDeccan HeroesKING KOHLI X1 856250,000 
31-03-2013Aakash MalagiKING KOHLI X1Deactivated team 4,4552,474,800 
24-03-2013Abhinav NayakKING KOHLI X1Deactivated team 1,644357,800 
24-03-2013Abhirup RevenkarKING KOHLI X1The Royal Sons of Pitches 1,174242,000 
24-03-2013Aatish JalageriKING KOHLI X1KING KOHLI X1 67550,000 
24-03-2013Aarush DevarmaniKING KOHLI X1Deactivated team 769102,000 
22-03-2013Naim GulDeactivated teamKING KOHLI X1 1,07850,000 
22-03-2013Suraj FernandesPusssKING KOHLI X1 1,65250,000 
21-03-2013Agastya BellamKondaDeactivated teamKING KOHLI X1 1,056105,000 
20-03-2013Rodger KeaneDeactivated teamKING KOHLI X1 95910,200 
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