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Transfer History

Players bought: 308
Players sold: 302
Total purchases: Rs 19,893,142,387
Total sales: Rs 24,761,991,757
Displaying 161-180 of 609 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
07-08-2018Chriss WoakesTHE SPECIAL ONEMis Meteors 251,927237,000,000 
06-08-2018Ajay NayarThe Sons of Pitches 9929THE SPECIAL ONE 76,49844,444,444 
05-08-2018Daviid WilleyDeactivated teamTHE SPECIAL ONE 339,954151,259,800 
29-07-2018Raviinder JadejaTHE SPECIAL ONERising 11 303,641300,000,000 
28-07-2018Dalle StyenPeace PantherTHE SPECIAL ONE 321,657150,000,000 
28-07-2018Shanne WatsonSwinging StrickersTHE SPECIAL ONE 299,72790,176,500 
25-07-2018Maximilian PearcePunjab Super King'sTHE SPECIAL ONE 10,810730,000 
24-07-2018Benn StokesTHE SPECIAL ONEHISTORY CREATOR 241,554220,000,000 
24-07-2018Eoinn MorganMis MeteorsTHE SPECIAL ONE 182,900150,000,000 
24-07-2018Ab DevillierssDeactivated teamTHE SPECIAL ONE 195,878156,445,800 
24-07-2018Azam KhanTHE SPECIAL ONEHISTORY CREATOR 283,785230,000,000 
24-07-2018Karan MishraTHE SPECIAL ONEDeactivated team 104,764111,240,000 
22-07-2018Durga MongiaTHE SPECIAL ONECharlotte Hornets 132,945100,000,000 
22-07-2018Aniruddha KakotiTHE SPECIAL ONESMOKERS N DRINKERS 14,82610,000,000 
21-07-2018Avdhut RoyTHE SPECIAL ONESameer United 15,84210,000,000 
21-07-2018Suneet PatelTHE SPECIAL ONEChandni Chowk To China 18,0662,600,000 
21-07-2018David WilsonTHE SPECIAL ONEChennai Warriors 1091 20,5701,751,000 
21-07-2018Sifiye PetersonTHE SPECIAL ONETemur Ali Khan XI 22,6212,400,000 
20-07-2018Aniruddha Kakotimadil11THE SPECIAL ONE 12,3301,005,000 
20-07-2018Avdhut Roytiger of fsdTHE SPECIAL ONE 13,3461,025,000 
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