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Transfer History

Players bought: 308
Players sold: 302
Total purchases: Rs 19,893,142,387
Total sales: Rs 24,761,991,757
Displaying 141-160 of 609 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
12-10-2018Fawad IbrahimTHE SPECIAL ONEDeactivated team 14,3573,100,000 
11-10-2018Lindsay AddisLA LAKERSTHE SPECIAL ONE 91,85036,836,800 
09-10-2018Mahiindersingh DhoniTHE SPECIAL ONEUnstoppable Faddebaazzz 399,826255,000,000 
04-10-2018Dalle StyenTHE SPECIAL ONEHISTORY CREATOR 390,453242,241,400 
04-10-2018Bhuvaneshwarr KumarNitish SuperkingsTHE SPECIAL ONE 411,041167,990,000 
29-09-2018Shanne WatsonTHE SPECIAL ONEMSB Super Giants 383,291195,000,000 
27-09-2018Zaviyar GauherTHE SPECIAL ONEAll rounder Lover 17,7104,000,000 
22-09-2018Bimal AgarwalTHE SPECIAL ONEWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER 53,87058,000,000 
10-09-2018Shahid HussainTHE SPECIAL ONESwinging Strickers 14,88410,000,000 
05-09-2018Ajay NayarTHE SPECIAL ONEMis Meteors 109,57992,000,000 
02-09-2018GulRaiz LanghaniTHE SPECIAL ONEThe Spin Attack 22,52114,000,000 
30-08-2018Shanne WatsonPULSETHE SPECIAL ONE 342,89588,112,900 
29-08-2018Asad SalarzaiTHE SPECIAL ONEPsychic Warriors 23,93815,450,000 
27-08-2018Irfan DhillonTHE SPECIAL ONEAll rounder Lover 18,87113,000,000 
24-08-2018Shanne WatsonTHE SPECIAL ONEPULSE 342,895180,000,000 
23-08-2018Misbah-ul-Haq DarTHE SPECIAL ONESwinging Strickers 22,77214,000,000 
23-08-2018Bimal AgarwalViPeR iNCTHE SPECIAL ONE 43,32522,510,300 
17-08-2018Zakir RodiniTHE SPECIAL ONEUnited Power 17,84616,000,000 
17-08-2018Muhammad LaeeqTHE SPECIAL ONEdirtyboys 21,38416,000,000 
17-08-2018Sajjad QambraniTHE SPECIAL ONEWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER 20,4837,000,000 
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