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Transfer History

Players bought: 308
Players sold: 302
Total purchases: Rs 19,893,142,387
Total sales: Rs 24,761,991,757
Displaying 121-140 of 609 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
11-11-2018Riaz MohammadThe Spin AttackTHE SPECIAL ONE 175,44017,200,000 
10-11-2018Vaitheeshwaran AnghayanISLAMABAD BOLTSTHE SPECIAL ONE 135,45351,814,000 
10-11-2018Lindsay AddisTHE SPECIAL ONENitish Superkings 134,14677,347,600 
09-11-2018Arlo VirgoNABISHATHE SPECIAL ONE 136,16327,220,000 
09-11-2018Odicious MahachiChhattisgarh CowboysTHE SPECIAL ONE 118,40335,000,000 
05-11-2018Shishir KatakeySons Of AnarchyTHE SPECIAL ONE 161,16228,746,900 
03-11-2018Bhuvaneshwarr KumarTHE SPECIAL ONEArmy of Legends 420,838180,000,000 
01-11-2018Mahiindersingh DhoniUnstoppable FaddebaazzzTHE SPECIAL ONE 417,551131,289,900 
01-11-2018Krunaal PandyaTHE SPECIAL ONEKnoxfield Knockouts 832,696354,535,400 
01-11-2018Wahaab RiazTHE SPECIAL ONEDouble Deadly 549,797292,632,400 
01-11-2018Suuresh RainaTHE SPECIAL ONEMaGiCaL MoNsTeR 363,541227,526,800 
01-11-2018Ab DevillierssTHE SPECIAL ONELegendary Tales 357,232190,962,000 
01-11-2018Eoinn MorganTHE SPECIAL ONEWINGS  358,115162,740,000 
01-11-2018Joss ButlerTHE SPECIAL ONERAVAGE 334,066221,450,000 
01-11-2018Daviid WilleyTHE SPECIAL ONEArmy of Legends 572,703242,000,000 
31-10-2018Fakhhar ZamanTHE SPECIAL ONEONE TEAM ONE DREAM 339,421195,205,600 
30-10-2018Viirat KohliTHE SPECIAL ONEAssKickers X1 316,629214,000,000 
16-10-2018Raviinder JadejaUnstoppable FaddebaazzzTHE SPECIAL ONE 361,855215,661,000 
12-10-2018Husain RaufTHE SPECIAL ONESameer United 25,6092,500,000 
12-10-2018Suhail HafizTHE SPECIAL ONEjazzy Juniors 13,1603,100,000 
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