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Transfer History

Players bought: 308
Players sold: 302
Total purchases: Rs 19,893,142,387
Total sales: Rs 24,761,991,757
Displaying 41-60 of 609 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
25-02-2019Shaddab KhanTHE SPECIAL ONERAJAGOSAVIXI 423,109343,244,800 
23-02-2019Sami LatifArsalaan96NekistanTHE SPECIAL ONE 3,91410,300 
17-02-2019Sulay AnantaneniTHE SPECIAL ONEsabbirs army 157,568131,664,000 
17-02-2019Rethesh SaxenaTHE SPECIAL ONEsabbirs army 168,487129,960,000 
17-02-2019Ajit VashisthaTHE SPECIAL ONEExorcists XI 201,758139,500,000 
17-02-2019Ramsha TahaTHE SPECIAL ONEDillibabu Devils 321,78669,095,300 
16-02-2019Soumya IqbalTHE SPECIAL ONEDhaka Revengers 86,60911,255,100 
16-02-2019George RatcliffTHE SPECIAL ONERAVAGE 164,541128,000,000 
16-02-2019Benn StokesTHE SPECIAL ONERAVAGE 413,101285,000,000 
15-02-2019Virat SuryaAKKI PUNKERSTHE SPECIAL ONE 463,490339,534,000 
14-02-2019Adamm MilneTHE SPECIAL ONESanjay Superheroes 5058 239,99870,398,800 
14-02-2019Grayam SmithTHE SPECIAL ONERogues XI 236,004150,000,000 
13-02-2019Smit ShahTHE SPECIAL ONEXYXI 177,35571,393,200 
13-02-2019Glennn MaxwellTHE SPECIAL ONETHE LEGENDS FACTORY 330,883300,000,000 
13-02-2019Kyle AngelTHE SPECIAL ONEWINGS  380,875150,000,000 
13-02-2019Abinanth PatelTHE SPECIAL ONERasipuram Rebels 275,191115,360,000 
02-02-2019Rishab PantSPECIAL SQUADTHE SPECIAL ONE 342,644300,000,000 
29-01-2019Shamshad NoorGag's warriorTHE SPECIAL ONE 378,273165,000,000 
28-01-2019Lester BondTHE SPECIAL ONELegendary Tales 301,764160,000,000 
23-01-2019Brenden MccullumTHE SPECIAL ONECrisis Survivors 180,428190,000,000 
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