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Transfer History

Players bought: 308
Players sold: 302
Total purchases: Rs 19,893,142,387
Total sales: Rs 24,761,991,757
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
18-01-2015Sandra ChamikaLord's 11THE SPECIAL ONE 16,311918,000 
18-01-2015Bruce GarnerDeactivated teamTHE SPECIAL ONE 18,1181,000,000 
18-01-2015Douglas MaddocksSon Of BastardsTHE SPECIAL ONE 13,217510,000 
31-12-2014Divesh JaipuriaThe Northern ThunderTHE SPECIAL ONE 43,88921,161,700 
31-12-2014Andre TaylorTHE SPECIAL ONEFOOLS KNAVES AND HEROES 34,22011,142,700 
28-12-2014Darrell AdcockTHE SPECIAL ONEpatel mlh 45,498765,000 
18-12-2014Subrahmanyam ServaiTHE SPECIAL ONEDeactivated team 15,608200,000 
17-12-2014Madhan SinghTHE SPECIAL ONEdinesh9333 19,9811,200,000 
17-12-2014Salim JasimTHE SPECIAL ONERakesh titans 14,620408,000 
15-12-2014Balu VishwakarmaTHE SPECIAL ONEdazzling 41,7851,500,000 
14-12-2014Rajat BharukaAman DravidiansTHE SPECIAL ONE 60,29821,000,000 
13-12-2014Earl MandelaTHE SPECIAL ONEDeactivated team 12,964176,100 
12-12-2014Sonny MorganTHE SPECIAL ONEMykas3 48,23220,400,000 
12-12-2014Jagan HarishBilla XITHE SPECIAL ONE 14,6225,306,100 
11-12-2014Khaleel SistaniThe BlacK FlaGsTHE SPECIAL ONE 14,8892,000,000 
11-12-2014Michael EusebeEXTRA TERRESTRIALSTHE SPECIAL ONE 13,4583,655,500 
11-12-2014Nishad KumarMIAMI HEATTHE SPECIAL ONE 13,6972,000,000 
11-12-2014Zohair JehanDeactivated teamTHE SPECIAL ONE 18,64511,220,000 
11-12-2014Rukman ChamaraShoot 'Em UpTHE SPECIAL ONE 14,8618,787,800 
10-12-2014Bhaagavat PinnamaneniTHE SPECIAL ONEDeactivated team 48,40826,500,000