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Transfer History

Players bought: 308
Players sold: 302
Total purchases: Rs 19,893,142,387
Total sales: Rs 24,761,991,757
Displaying 541-560 of 609 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
06-06-2015Humayun QaisraniTHE SPECIAL ONEHazzKazz 14,160750,000 
03-06-2015Nyasha ChibhabhaTHE SPECIAL ONEOkara Super Kings 15,3851,020,800 
03-06-2015Amal RandivTHE SPECIAL ONEBlack Tiger's 18,1931,560,600 
03-06-2015Craig ButlerTHE SPECIAL ONESUPERBLASTERS 25,0191,500,000 
16-05-2015Prateek GoelDeactivated teamTHE SPECIAL ONE 3,59510,200 
07-05-2015Peleg HattonBANDITS OF BENGALTHE SPECIAL ONE 12,2203,000,000 
07-05-2015Amal RandivBallaya LionsTHE SPECIAL ONE 18,1932,000,000 
09-04-2015Craig ButlerBowldovaTHE SPECIAL ONE 25,0191,836,000 
09-04-2015Naveed MiandadRAMDAS XI STALWARTSTHE SPECIAL ONE 17,070663,000 
09-04-2015Humayun QaisraniIshqzaadeTHE SPECIAL ONE 14,1601,400,000 
08-04-2015Michael EusebeTHE SPECIAL ONEAvittathur Veeranz 41,14523,460,000 
06-04-2015Ponappa NidumoluTHE SPECIAL ONEDeactivated team 14,0201,000,000 
03-04-2015Nyasha ChibhabhaGREAT KINGS XITHE SPECIAL ONE 15,3851,020,000 
03-04-2015Russ DonaldDeactivated teamTHE SPECIAL ONE 14,7371,645,200 
01-04-2015Sandra ChamikaTHE SPECIAL ONEDen Of Don 16,311200,000 
01-04-2015Luke MoutonTHE SPECIAL ONEcochin cricketers 15,215200,000 
20-03-2015Gurnam ChahalTHE SPECIAL ONEmighty indians 19,204632,400 
20-03-2015Bruce GarnerTHE SPECIAL ONEsaint shields 18,118306,000 
18-01-2015Luke MoutonDeactivated teamTHE SPECIAL ONE 15,215690,900 
18-01-2015Gurnam ChahalDeactivated teamTHE SPECIAL ONE 19,204874,000